October 10, 2017

C03 Series of OMNI FIT™ Connectors

New High-Performance Standard Connectors From RFS Deliver an Ideal Combination of Features and Pricing


RFS introduces a new series of high-performance OMNI FIT™ standard connectors that deliver a first-class feature set at a competitive price. The new connectors provide excellent electrical performance, N, 7-16 DIN and 4.3-10 interfaces, and three attachment options to support any installation requirement. To help operators take advantage of the new connectors, RFS is offering them at similar prices to legacy OMNI FIT standard connectors. OMNI FIT connectors are designed for use with RFS’ CELLFLEX® copper cables and CELLFLEX Lite aluminum cables. The new C03 series of OMNI FIT connectors provide excellent PIM and VSWR ratings to help operators maintain high levels of signal quality and system performance at all times. To help operators simplify installations and deal with increasingly smaller installation spaces, the new series of OMNI FIT connectors includes a space-saving 4.3-10 interface that is available with three attachment options.

Features Benefits
Excellent electrical specifications (PIM and VSWR) Improves system performance
Cost-effective price point

Delivers a first-class feature set at a competitive price

Available with 4.3-10 interface; lighter weight design  Eases installation and reduces weight on loaded towers
Three attachment options are available – Hex Nut, Hand Screw and Push-pull versions Supports any installation requirement