February 14, 2014


HYBRIFLEX™ STANDARD and STANDARD-LTE, used with RRUs requiring 1 or 2 pairs of fiber per head, cuts installation time in half


RFS introduces HYBRIFLEX™ STANDARD designed to be used together with HYBRIFLEX™ Jumpers and Remote Radio Units (RRU) requiring 1 or 2 pairs of fiber per head. The cable (Model Number example HB078-1-06U4-S8J) is supplied with factory assembled fiber connectors such as LC duplex, optimized for Box Solutions. Overall network roll out time for FTTA / PTTA utilizing HYBRIFLEX STANDARD cable can be significantly reduced due to an installation time savings up to 50%.

Cabling systems are expected to last at least 10 years. In contrast the life cycle of a RRU is about 1.5 to 2 years due to change of generation. This means a F/O as part of the infrastructure "sees" more than five different RRUs  in its total life span. The risk of never "seeing" the same F/O connection system at the RRU, may it be due to technical advancement or even change of OEM, is unpredictable. The RFS HYBRIFLEXTM STANDARD solution with a Distribution Box and Hybrid-Jumpers is the perfect answer to this challenge. In case of RRU change with a different F/O connection, only the Jumper has to be changed - quick, easy and cost effective.
This makes the HYBRIFLEXTM STANDARD solution independent from further technical
developments and OEM agnostic.


FeaturesBenefit Chart

Compatible with existing feeder cable accessories

Minimizes the quantity of accessory types to reduce costs

Easy over length managementProvides flexibility in the field if  site constraints arise
Galvanized or plastic conduits are eliminatedReduces costs and BOM complexity
“Plug-and-Play” functionality – Pre-assembled kits with F/O and DC connectors

Streamlines installation time and effort

Corrugated Aluminum armor
Eases integration into existing grounding protection concepts
Compact sizes, e.g. 4 RRU cable 4mm², 6mm² and 10mm² in 7/8" size.
Minimizes the quantity of accessory types to reduce costs