February 21, 2020

Future-Ready RADIAFLEX® Radiating Cables

RFS delivers the only ultra-broadband 5G ready cable to deliver in-tunnel MIMO


The latest patented RADIAFLEX ® cable supports all mission critical and commercial wireless services, working in all 3GPP bands up to 3.8GHz. Using RFS’s unique mode suppression technology the ultra-broadband cable works with no stopbands to support current and future frequency needs, protecting customer investment from spectrum re-banding and pre-empting new generation requirements for years to come. The cable is technology agnostic, giving complete flexibility to customers, supporting mixed configurations and multi-operator or shared infrastructure deployments.

This versatile 5G ready cable is specifically designed to meet the challenges of MIMO deployments. Using a combination of horizontally polarized radiating cable and vertically polarized radiating cable, RFS enables maximum capacity and throughput of fifth generation wireless networks, meeting the commercial requirements of customer deployments.

Features Benefits
Patented unique mode suppression technology Ultra-broadband with no stopbands between 610 MHz and 3800 MHz
Unconditionally 4G- and 5G-ready in all 3GPP bands up to 3800 MHz. Provides a future-proof solutions
Support all commercial and mission-critical services between 75 MHz and 3800 MHz Ensures flexibility for any service
Ideally suited for spectrum rebanding and refarming projects Simplifies network evolution
Meet the latest fire safety standards Choose JFNA, JFLA or CPR jacket types
Ideally suited to high-capacity 2x2, 4x4 and higher MIMO applications Maximize capacity with multi-band MIMO