October 21, 2021

CELLFLEX® MultiFlex Pre-Assembled Jumper and Feeder Cable Solutions

Accelerate network installations indoors or out, anywhere in the world


CELLFLEX® MultiFlex cabling solutions feature 1-meter (3-ft) CELLFLEX jumpers connected to each end of a CELLFLEX feeder cable of any length with OMNI FIT™ connectors. You choose the combination you need, and we take care of assembly to help you save time and effort across indoor and outdoor installations.

CELLFLEX MultiFlex solutions can include:

  • CELLFLEX superflexible and low-loss coax jumpers in 3/8-, 1/2- and 1/4-inch sizes 
  • CELLFLEX low-loss coax feeder cables in 7/8-, 1 1/4- and 1 5/8-inch sizes 
  • Straight and right-angle connectors with Type-N, 7-16 DIN and 4.3-10 interfaces


  • Supports all frequencies up to 6 GHz 
    • Enables evolution to 5G globally
  • 1-meter (3-ft) jumpers at each connection point
    • Increases flexibility, simplifies installations
  • Outstanding feeder cable VSWR and intermodulation performance
    • Improves end-to-end solution performance
  • Factory-installed connectors
    • Increases reliability, accelerates installations
  • Fire-retardant jacket available
    • Improves fire safety
  • Waterproof to IP 68
    • Minimizes the risk of moisture incursion