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December 2, 2013

Aluminum 1/2” Plenum-rated Wideband Cable

RFS introduces ICA Lite, aluminum plenum-rated wideband coaxial cable providing a cost-effective, lighter weight alternative to copper cabling


ICA LITE, a ½” aluminum plenum-rated wideband coaxial cable is designed to deliver outstanding electrical performance and support all wireless in-building applications. A cost-effective alternative to copper cabling, it maintains compatibility with existing connectors, tools and hanging hardware for easy and convenient installation.

ICA LITE is available in white jacket (ICA12-50JPLLW). It utilizes the same Star-Dielectric Spline as RFS’ popular ICA12-50JPL plenum-rated copper cables, providing uniform support throughout the length of cable for superior performance by eliminating electrical and mechanical problems in tight bending areas. Additionally, the aluminum outer conductor minimizes system interference by providing a continuous RFI/EMI shield and ICA LITE’s UV-resistant jacket allows it to withstand outdoor storage.

All RFS wideband ½” plenum cable offers outstanding electrical performance and has met the most stringent plenum cable standards for maximum safety, including CMP, ETL listed to UL444, and also comply with Canadian CSA C.22.2/FT6 standard, with low-flame-spread and low-smoke characteristics. Due to low attenuation, outstanding heat transfer properties and temperature-stabilized dielectric materials, ICA LITE provides a safe, long-term operating life at high-transmit power levels.

• Plenum-rated – CMP, ETL listed to UL444 >> Meets the most stringent industry standards for maximum safety
• Continuous (star-shaped) dielectric for total inner conductor support >> Eliminates electrical or mechanical problems in tight bending areas; minimizes kinks
• Wideband Operation – Up to 6 GHz >> Suitable for all in-building applications for maximum flexibility
• Maintains compatibility with existing connectors, tools and hanging hardware >> Increases system flexibility and eases network planning
• Lighter weight than copper >> Eases installation and reduces the number of hanging clamps
• Copper-clad center conductor with AL outer conductor >> Provides good electrical performance
• UV resistant jacket for outdoor storage >> Ensures product reliability


Link to ICA Lite cable datasheet