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February 25, 2020

Hybrid and Fiber-Only Jumpers for Small Cell 5G mmWave Radio Deployments

Delivering the solutions mobile operators need for a smooth evolution to 5G


Deploying large numbers of small cell millimeter wave (mmWave) radios close to end users is key to mobile operators’ strategies as they evolve to 5G. With RFS HYBRIFLEX jumper cables, mobile operators have the flexibility to install this critical 5G equipment on towers, rooftops, light poles, and other locations, and to take advantage of DC or AC power sources.

  • Hybrid jumpers that are ideal to efficiently bring DC power and single-mode optical fiber to small cell 5G mmWave radios on macro site towers. The hybrid jumpers are available in 10 AWG or 8 AWG and feature a corrugated aluminum armor.
  • Fiber-only jumpers that are ideal to efficiently bring single-mode optical fiber to small cell 5G mmWave radios on rooftops, light poles and other locations where AC power is already available. The fiber-only jumpers are ruggedized for outdoor environments.
Features Benefits
Hybrid and fiber-only configurations Simplifies small cell 5G mmWave radio deployments in any location
Lengths up to 100 feet Supports any installation scenario
A wide variety of terminations Increases deployment flexibility
UL-Listed Meets the most stringent industry standards for maximum safety and product quality
Weather- and corrosion-resistant construction Extends jumper lifespan in any conditions