June 16, 2017

RADIAFLEX® RAYA Radiating Cables

World’s First Ultra RF-broadband, Vertically Polarized Radiating Cable for MIMO Applications Enables Highest Data Rates


RAYA158-50A cables, the world’s first vertically polarized  ultra RF-broadband cable and the latest addition to RFS’ market-leading RADIAFLEX® radiating cable series, is now available. The new RAYA cables feature vertically polarized radiation, complementing RFS’ horizontally polarized RLKU family of products. RLKU and RAYA products are the perfect counterparts to realize balanced performance for MIMO applications with highest data rates in all bands. The new RAYA cables enable ultra-broadband frequency bandwidth, supporting all global 2G/3G/4G/4G+/5G commercial wireless bands and all mission critical bands simultaneously. Because they have no stop bands the cables can accommodate additional wireless services in the future. The optimized design allows coupling loss to be continuously improved over frequency compensating longitudinal loss increase. By that, RAYA cables achieve very leveled frequency response in any in-tunnel scenario, allowing for easy system planning.

Features Benefits
Vertically polarized radiation Complements RFS the horizontally polarized RLKU family
Ultra-broadband frequency bandwidth

Supports all 2G/3G/4G/4G+/5G commercial wireless bands globally and simultaneously all mission critical bands 

NO stop bands (75 to 2700 MHz) Future-proof to accommodate additional wireless services
Optimized design Coupling loss is continuously improving over frequency compensating longitudinal loss
Ideal cable for MIMO applications in all bands Provides balanced performance in combination with the RLKU158-50AH