April 26, 2013

PIM-Rated, LTE-Ready Indoor Antenna

The addition of this new PIM-certified Omni antenna, I-ATO2-698/2700JPL, for 698-2700 MHz rounds out RFS’ portfolio of products for indoor applications - which also includes plenum-rated cables, connectors, tools and jumpers – enabling RFS to provide all components required to support indoor passive DAS installations.


Ideal for easy ceiling mounting, RFS’ LTE-ready Omni antenna is constructed from lightweight materials and features a low profile, off-white radome blending easily into most building aesthetics with minimal impact.  The antenna ensures the highest performance for in-building passive DAS applications avoiding passive intermodulation due to its PIM optimized design which includes a plenum-rated, helically corrugated low-loss pigtail cable with copper outer conductor and factory attached N female connector.

Features/Benefit Chart

Highest PIM Performance

Increases call quality and reduces data loss

Low VSWR, Broadband design Supports LTE deployments
Simplified ceiling mount Reduces installation time and effort
Plenum rated pigtail with factory-attached N-female connectors Enhances system performance
Lightweight and low-profileBlends easily into building aesthetics

RFS now provides all of the components necessary to deliver outstanding performance and support all indoor wireless applications with a complete end-to-end passive in-building solution.