February 26, 2009


CELLFLEX®Lite is the industry’s ultimate, evolutionary, corrugated aluminium transmission line, and the lightest RF transmission cable on the market today. The light-weight design coupled with its single and multiple bending-radius capabilities, allow fast installation and make it ideal for congested tower-top applications.


The complete CELLFLEX®Lite range offers an attractive price entry point and performance combination for establishing the base station to antenna RF link, and comes in all popular sizes and applications. Its robust construction and advanced electrical performance continue to confirm CELLFLEX®Lite as the next generation in RF transmission development.

Features and Benefits
represents a light-weight transmission
line solution
reduced work-force and lifting gear
is offered in low loss 1/2, 7/8, 11/4, 15/8-inch, and ultra-flexible 7/8 and 11/4-inch diameter sizescovers all common applications
is easy to transport, handle and installsavings in shipping cost
exhibits a cost-efficient alternative to copper transmission linereduced CAPEX spending
offers user-friendly compatibility with RFS's existing range of accessoriesless inventory, reduced OPEX
enables trouble-free installation and operationno downtime, reduced OPEX
attenuation comparable to industry standard in traditional cableunsacrificed coverage
specially developed connectors exhibit low and stable intermodulation performanceexceeds present PIM standards ensuring no dropped calls
is available with UV-resistant polyethylene or flame-retardant jacketscan be used outside and in indoor applications where restrictions apply
exceeds industry standard for return loss performancepremium antenna system performance improves customer satisfaction