January 17, 2022

CELLFLEX® 5G Cluster Jumpers

Space-efficient MQ4 and MQ5 cluster connectors make it fast and easy to deploy highly integrated antennas


As mobile operators evolve to 5G and networks become more complex, innovations that optimize deployments from every perspective — installation time, space consumption and performance — are key to increasing efficiency and profitability. CELLFLEX 5G cluster jumpers deliver on all of these needs.

Superflexible design, excellent electrical performance
RFS CELLFLEX 5G cluster jumpers feature a robust, superflexible design, and are manufactured using an innovative, progressive welding technique that ensures stable VSWR as well as outstanding and consistent passive intermodulation (PIM) performance. To minimize the risk of installation errors, the MQ4 and MQ5 connectors follow the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance recommendation for antenna to radio module pinout alignment and labeling.

The ¼-inch cluster jumpers are available with a variety of connector options for the other end, including:

  • 4.3-10 male or female
  • Type N male or female
  • 7-16 DIN male or female
  • NEX10 male

To learn more:  Download the Product Leaflet