April 21, 2016

4.3-10 Field-Installable Connectors

Ultra-Stable, Low PIM Connectors Ideal Match for Coaxial Cables


RFS announced the availability of a field-installable 4.3-10- style connector as a supplementary offering to the existing 4.3-10 factory-fit jumper orientations. The compact RF connectors are the ideal complement to RFS’ industry-leading foam dielectric coaxial cables and feature optimized PIM stability to meet industry demands. The two-piece design inhibits the potential of loose parts and simplifies installation in the field to support mobile operators in their deployment of LTE, 5G and small cell networks. As a progression of RFS’ popular ultra-low PIM OMNI FIT™ connector family, the 4.3-10 connectors similarly provide superior performance under all environmental conditions and feature a five-point watertight interface that eliminates the need for additional sealing.

Superior PIM values

Improves network quality

5-point watertight interface

No need for additional sealing

Coupling torque for these connectors is greatly reducedInstallation can be completed quickly without expensive tools
Multi-thread (Tristart) designSimplifies and speeds up the tightening process
 High-tech polymer claw is a low-friction component Eases installation and eliminates the risk of corrosion