November 13, 2020

Smart Fixing Solution (SFS) Clamp Series

Ensures a safe and reliable RADIAFLEX cable installation in harsh environmental tunnel conditions


RFS has launched a new family of clamps for RADIAFLEX radiating cables. The Smart Fixing Solution (SFS) clamp family ensures a safe and reliable RADIAFLEX cable installation in harsh environmental tunnel conditions. The SFS clamps also allow for an optimized installation process minimizing customer’s total cost of ownership (TCO) – an aspect that is essentially important as installation time in tunnel environment is a key factor in deployments affecting overall solution cost.

  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Closing system without additional screws
  • Secure closure, no opening
  • Fixed wall distance 80 mm
  • Integrated fire protection device
  • Anchor and screw fastening available with standard products; Bolt setting technology is also available

The SFS clamps are based on a one-piece, self-closing plastic pipe clamp for the fixing of radiating cables in road, railway and metro tunnels. The SFS clamps also allow for more flexibility regarding compatibility regarding installation hardware such as e.g. screws, dowels and, consequently, allow for easier adaptation to customer specific installation need.
The SFS clamps in combination with RFS worldwide leading RADIAFLEX radiating cable portfolio have also been optimized to avoid any passive intermodulation (PIM) effects which is particularly important in highly reflective in tunnel environments to avoid network interferences and ensure highest possible network throughput.
The clamps also feature a fire secured mounting functionality by allowing additional metal cable ties to be installed together with the SFS clamps.