July 19, 2019

HYBRIFLEX 12x24 Riser Cables

Accelerates network evolution to 5G


We've installed more than 30,000 miles of our hybrid feeder cables in North American networks so you already know the HYBRIFLEX name is synonymous with bringing optical fiber and DC power to remote radio heads (RRHs).

With its best-in-class bending radius and robust, corrugated aluminum armor, HYBRIFLEX is engineered to hold internal fiber and power lines in place with maximum force without damaging the core components. These easy-to-install cables go well beyond UL requirements to deliver core retention strength of approximately 10 times the cable weight. And they're proven to remain weather- and corrosion-resistant in the field for years.

Our new HYBRIFLEX 12x24 6 AWG Riser Cables combine:

  • 12 pairs of 6 AWG low-inductance wires
  • 24 pairs of single-mode fiber with duplex LC connectors

Our robust riser cables include all of the features the HYBRIFLEX name is known for, including a corrugated aluminum armor with outstanding bending characteristics, strong core retention force and a flame-retardant jacket for long-lasting cable protection. To save installation costs and time, our riser cables use the same accessories as 1-5/8" coaxial cables and eliminate the need for expensive cable trays and ducts.