January 21, 2016

Passive System Components for DAS

RFS Unveils 90 New High-Performance Passive DAS Components


RFS has enhanced its portfolio of passive RF components with an entire suite of new products – 90 in all – to provide a full range of solutions for all wireless in-building commercial and mission-critical communications requirements. New products complement RFS’ comprehensive line of low loss RF feeder cables and jumpers for DAS and include passive DAS components such as couplers, power splitters, tappers and hybrid combiners. All frequency bands are now covered including mission-critical (380-520MHz), commercial wireless (698-2700MHz), broadband and ultra-broadband (380-2700MHz) in 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and TETRA. As required for all RFS products and systems, each of the updated passive components has undergone the same rigorous testing as all other RFS products, upholding the company’s high quality standards. All RFS passive DAS products share harmonized PIM specifications (-150dBc) to maintain a high level of repeatability and reliability of services.



Complete end-to-end passive DAS solution from one supplier

Simplifies logistics and order management

All frequency bands are now covered

Mission-critical, commercial wireless, broadband and ultra-broadband

Rigorous testing standardsEnsures high-quality, long-life products
All products share harmonized PIM specificationsMaintains the same high level of repeatability and reliability of services as RFS cables