April 2, 2020

DragonSkin UL 2196 Certified Coaxial Cable

Fire-resistant, half-inch coaxial cable is key to maintaining in-building communications during fires


RFS has delivered a standalone coaxial cable that is certified to meet the UL 2196 Standard for Fire Test for Circuit Integrity of Fire-Resistive Power, instrumentation, Control and Data Cables. The half-inch coaxial cable — branded DragonSkin — is the first in-building coaxial cable to pass the stringent UL 2196 certification test without use of a metal conduit or extensive wrapping. RFS cables with UL 2196 certification are proven to be fire-resistant and are key to ensuring emergency responders and building occupants can continue to function during fires in buildings. DragonSkin continues the RFS legacy of providing the industry with innovative firsts that last.

In-building cables with UL 2196 certification are required in a number of jurisdictions in the United States. The UL certification test subjects the cable to the high heat and water conditions that occur during severe fires in buildings, verifying the cable continues to operate despite the extreme stresses applied to it. To receive UL 2196 certification, an in-building coaxial cable must survive even when it is exposed to temperatures up to 1010 °C (1850°F) for two hours then suddenly cooled down with water from a fire hose.

Features Benefits
First UL Listed standalone communications cable meeting NFPA 72 and 1221 survivability standard Verifies the cable survives 2 hours at temperatures up to 1850 degrees F without conduit
No conduit or cable wrapping required Reduces cable size and weight; simplifies installation
CATVP Plenum-certified Meets certification for use in the environmental air handling space in building
Coaxial cable features solid inner and outer conductors Virtually eliminates intermodulation
Maintains minimum bending radius at all times Accelerated installations especially in smaller spaces and older buildings
Uses standard RFS connectors and installation techniques Eliminates the need for specialized parts or expertise