September 27, 2021

OMNI FIT™ Premium Connectors for RF Cables and Jumpers

Bringing outstanding electrical performance and watertight durability to any installation up to 6 GHz


RFS OMNI FIT Premium connectors are renowned in the industry for their precision-engineered performance, ease of installation and long life in the field. The OMNI FIT Premium E01 family of connectors builds on this legacy of excellence, providing a combination of performance, simplicity, durability and cost that cannot be matched in the industry.

The complete portfolio includes all Type-N, 7-16 DIN and 4.3-10 interface combinations, versions and variants, and can be installed using the same tools and following the same principles as the previous generation OMNI FIT Premium D01 connectors.They feature:

  • Two-piece design with built-in waterproofing 
    • Simplifies installations
  • Robust construction
    • Increases lifespan and reliability
  • Outstanding PIM and VSWR performance
    • Reduces interference and losses
  • Support for all frequencies up to 6 GHz
    • Accelerates evolution to 5G, future proofs investments
  • Backwards compatible with many cable types
    • Improves return on existing investments

RFS OMNI FIT Premium E01 connectors are tested and proven to deliver premium PIM and VSWR performance at all frequencies up to 6 GHz. As a result, they are ideal to support 5G deployments globally, including those that use newly available spectrum such as Citizens Broadband RadioService (CBRS), C-Band and License Assisted Access (LAA)..

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