April 13, 2015

Low-Inductance HYBRIFLEX™ Cabling Solutions

Reduced DC Cable Inductance Solves Power-Cycling Problem During Peak Traffic


Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has introduced its 2x4 6AWG Low-inductance HYBRIFLEX™ Remote Radio Head (RRH) cable for sites over 400 ft. It features a special type of wiring to reduce overall cable inductance, solving the problem of Remote Radio Head (RRH) power-cycling during peak traffic hours due to voltage swings, which may occur in specific instances. The new 2x4 cable combines bend-insensitive single-mode fiber (4 pairs of DLC connectors), 2 pairs of low-inductance DC wires, and 5 pairs of 18AWG wires used to carry alarm signals. The package also includes a special RFS-designed DC insulating sleeve, used to properly protect and insulate the DC wires after stripping the jacket, avoiding possible short-circuits while wiring it to the distribution boxes. HYBRIFLEX low-inductance cables are also available in a 6x12 6AWG model.

Features Benefits
Patented DC Wire Insulator

Used at the DC wire connection in distribution boxes, prevents potential short circuits

Aluminum corrugated armor with outstanding bending characteristics

Minimizes installation time and enables mechanical protection and shielding

Optical fiber and power cables housed in single corrugated cable Saves CAPEX by standardizing RRH cable installation and reducing installation requirements
Same accessories and tools as RFS CELLFLEX® 7/8” coaxial cable Reduces costs associated with training, inventory and installation