April 26, 2023

What is OMNI FIT™?

As part of our What is series, this week we are looking at our OMNI FIT™ solutions and accessories. The companions to our core cable range are what elevates our technology from being best-in-class cable to a seamless, ‘fit and forget’ solution to the challenges our customers face. Christopher Roch, Product Manager – Transmission Lines at RFS, tells us more.

Christopher Roch, Product Manager – Transmission Lines

Can you give us an overview of what RFS OMNI FIT™ encompasses? 

OMNI FIT is the brand name for our range of RF connectors which are designed for high performance, easy installation, and full compatibility throughout the CELLFLEX family. They work with both copper and aluminum cables and offer familiar connection options which are built to last, with many of our connectors serving projects for several decades. A network is limited by its weakest link – you can install top-class cable, but if the connectors have poor performance, it limits the potential. With this in mind, at RFS, we are focused on designing and delivering quality throughout the entire system to ensure our customers benefit from the full capabilities of the equipment they have invested in. 

What are the benefits of OMNI FIT vs. alternative solutions? 

OMNI FIT has been designed not only to meet but exceed the industry standard Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) and PIM performance. In addition to the standard OMNI FIT, we also offer OMNI FIT Premium, which has additional features designed to maintain performance in a wider variety of scenarios. For example, OMNI FIT Premium also includes a secure, watertight seal meaning no further weatherproofing is required. The unique sealing process and the dual-grip function of the high-tech polymer claw ensures long-term performance and avoids difficult-to-detect, latent failures in the RF path that gradually degrade network quality over time. It is when our customers look at TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over time that they see a real benefit for opting for a higher quality solution – we focus on developing solutions across the entire ecosystem that will stand the test of time.  

OMNI FIT is compatible with CELLFLEX, does it work with other RFS cable families? 

No, the OMNI FIT trademark is exclusively compatible with CELLFLEX foam dielectric coaxial corrugated cable, however, each of our HYBRIFLEX (fiber-optic/power), RADIAFLEX (flat foil outer conductor), FLEXWELL (elliptic) and HELIFLEX (air dielectric) portfolios have a wide range of connectors delivering the same quality that is needed to ensure optimum performance. 
We will always be able to recommend the right connectors for each deployment scenario to deliver premium connectivity infrastructure to the customers we work with. 

You mention in addition to OMNI FIT and accessories, RFS offers services to complement the technology, can you tell us a bit more?

There are three key services we offer to add value for our customers beyond the solutions themselves: consultancy, RFS University, and tool hire. 

Firstly, consultancy. We work as a partner with our customers and part of that is that we don’t sell products; we sell solutions. Solutions to the specific challenges they face, and we then work to design the right combination of equipment to overcome those challenges. 

Secondly, we support customers and distributors through RFS University. This is online and in-person training with graded certification to enable easy installation and help our customers make the most of their technology. You can read more about that here. 

Finally, tool hire is our newest offering designed to support customers. Previously, RFS solutions have needed specific tools to ensure a quality install that ensures maximum performance from the equipment. We have always sold those to customers; however, to both reduce customer costs and our own environmental impact, we are hiring those tools to installers if they only require them for a short time.  

With environmental issues a challenge for many companies, are there any ways that RFS is making its connectors greener?

Our connectors are and have been for a long time one of the greener solutions on the market due in part to the design. Many connectors have typically used an additional piece of metal to hold the structure needed, which increases the use of raw materials and increases the energy consumed in the assembly processes. Our connectors have for many years been manufactured as a single piece using the minimum raw materials necessary and streamlining manufacturing. We are now seeing some of our competitors look to replicate this as part of ESG efforts. In addition to greener-by-design efforts, we have implemented several initiatives at our Hannover HQ, including recycling rainwater for cooling in the manufacturing process, smarter lighting, and are continuing to make positive changes. The focus is to reduce not only our own carbon footprint but support the climate ambition goals of our customers in sourcing more sustainable solutions.