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APD22-D Automatic Dehydrator, 0.17 SCFM, 230V AC 50/60 Hz

Rev : C | Rev date : 29 Sep 2021
The APD-D series Automatic Pressurization Dehydrator is designed for reliable pressurization of elliptical waveguide, coaxial cable and rigid transmission line systems. Dry pressurized air in the distribution system ensures that condensation is avoided and optimal system performance is achieved.
The dehydrator includes a self-contained completely automated air drying system that utilizes a pressure swing moisture adsorption cycle to provide pressurized dry air while continuously purging the collected moisture to the atmosphere. This eliminates the need for replacement or manual reactivation of the desiccant and makes our APD-D series dehydrators ideal for unattended operation, even at remote sites.
The dehydration system is completely automatic, with no need for periodic media replacement or reactivation. These units are capable of years of trouble-free service when properly installed, operated and maintained.
An internal check valve guarantees that the customer system stays isolated from the dehydrator's internal system when the dehydrator is not actively operating. A USB port offers the ability to enable options, update configurations and download operating data in the field for easy upgrade, maintenance and troubleshooting.
The alarm port consists of electrically isolated 1 Form C relay contacts that can be used for both local and/or remote monitoring/alarming. Additional standard features include a 0-103 kPa (0-15 psig) pressure gauge and indicating LED lights.
The units may be shelf mounted or placed in a 19"" EIA relay rack. A Wall/Rack mount is available as an optional accessory.


  • Low Pressure Operation - Software configurable from 6.7-17.2 kPa (1-2.5 psig) in 3.4 kPa (0.5 psig) increments
  • High Pressure Alarm - Software configurable from 20.7-75.8 kPa (3-11 psig) in 6.9 kPa (1 psig) increments
  • Humidity Alarm - Software configurable from 20-50% RH in 10% RH increments
  • Run Time Alarm - Software configurable from 10 minutes to 4 hours in 10 minute increments
  • System Purge - Software configurable from 2-10 days in 2 day increments


Technical features

General Specifications

Dehydrator TypeAutomatic
System CapacityStandard
60 Hz Output Capacity Nl/h (SCFM)340 (0.2)
50 Hz Output Capacity Nl/h (SCFM)280 (0.17)
Output Dew Point°C (°F)Ambient dew point greater than 10°C (50°F): 50 (90) dew point reduction minimum.
Ambient dew point less than 10°C (50°F): -40 (-40) dew point minimum
Field Adjustable Output Pressure (on/off) kPa (psig)Software configurable from 6.9 -68.9 (1-10)
Field Adjustable Output Pressure Deadband (on/off) kPa (psig)Software configurable from 13.8-62.1 (2-9)
High Pressure Safety Relief Valve kPa (psig)103.4 (15) fixed
Number of Outlets1
Output FittingQuick-Connect 3/8" OD Plastic Tube (Note 3)
Max System Volume l (ft³)3000 (106)
Maximum Continous Operation Time, ActiveHours4

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions, H x W x Dmm (in)242 x 343 x 242 (9.5 x 13.5 x 9.5)
Net Weight kg (lb)11.4 (25)

Electrical Specifications

Operating Voltage V230 +/- 10% (Note 4)
Frequency Hz47 - 63
Max. Standy Current A0.5
Max. Active Current A2
Max. Apparent Power Consumption VA290
Power Factor Correction typical0.8
Electrical Feed Circuit ConfiguationSingle phase, 3-Conductor (Phase/Neutral/Ground) (Note 4)
Electrical Feed Circuit Size Recommendation A15 (Note 5)
Electrical Inlet ConnectorIEC 320 Type C 14


Ambient Temperature Range °C (°F)0 to 40 (32 to 104 )
Ambient Humidity Range, relative%5-85, non-condensing (max absolute humidity 25g/m³ (0.00156lb/ft³)) (Note 2)
Noise, dBA @ 1 m, ActivedBA60
Max.Operational Altitude @ 34.5 kPa (5 psig) m (ft)1830 (6000)
Max. Operational Altitude @ 68.9 kPa (10 psig) m (ft)1370 (4500)
Capacity derating per 305 m (1000 ft) altitude above MSL l/h (CFM)37 (0.022)


Accessory/Spare PartWall/rack mount


Low Pressure AlarmStandard configuration: Fixed at 3.4 kPa (0.5 psi) below lower operational pressureLow Pressure configuration: Fixed at 1.7 kPa (0.25 psig)
Alarm Contact Rating1A, 30 VDC, maximum
Alarm Configuration1 Form C relay contacts, screw terminal connector


  • Low Pressure Operation: Software configurable from 6.9 - 17.2 kPa (1-2.5 psig) in 3.4 kPa (0.5 psig) increments (Note 6)
  • High Pressure Alarm: Software configurable from 20.7- 75.9 kPa (3-11 psig) in 6.9 kPa (1 psig) increments
  • Humidity Alarm: Software configurable from 20-50% RH in 10% RH increments
  • Run Time Alarm: Software configurable from 10 minutes to 4 hours in 10 minute increments
  • System Purge: Software configureable from 2-10 days in 2 days increments


  • CE (EMC, MD, PED, RoHS)
  • IEC 60529, IP20


1) All specifiactions at 23°C (73°F) and 50% relative humidity at mean sea level (MSL) unless otherwise noted.
2) For indoor use only. IEC 60721-3-3 Class 3k3 (temperature-controlled locations, humidity not controlled)
absolute Humidity AH 25 g/m³ (0.00156 lb/ft³) @ 29.4°C (85°F) => 85 % relative humidity RH
absolute Humidity AH 25 g/m³ (0.00156 lb/ft³) @ 40°C (104°F) => 48.8 % relative humidity RH
3) Tubing used must be polyurethane (durometer 95A), polyethylene (durometer 440), or nylon (durometer 500)
4) Voltage source per IEC 60038 (1/N/PE)
*** Not for use with North American 240VAC service ***
5) Electrical supply circuit must retain within operating voltage specifications at all times.
6) Lower Operating Pressure set to 3.4 kPa (0.5 psig). Low Pressure alarm set to 1.7 kPa (0.25 psig)
7)The power cord is not included because the standard depends on the country where the dehydrator will be installed. It has to be purchased separately.