DC Block

Rev : A | Rev date : 26 May 2015
This DC Block is used to prevent the flow of direct current and low frequency current surges along the inner and outer conductors of a transmission line, while permitting the unimpeded flow of RF signals. Applications include the blocking of current surges in subway tunnels and at antenna sites during lightening storms. The unit consists of a length of coaxial line with a series capacitor in both the center conductor and outer conductor to block the flow of low frequencies, while passing RF with negligible loss or reflections.


• Multi-Band Frequency Range
• 250 W Avg. Power Rating
• 3 kV High Voltage Rating
• Minimal RF Insertion Loss
• Very Low Passive IM
• RoHS Compliant
• High Reliability
• 7-16 male/female connector


Technical features

General Specifications

Product TypeDC Block
Techn. ApplicationIndoor
Number of Input Ports1
Number of Output Ports1

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range MHz380 - 2700
Impedance Ohm50
Insertion Loss dB0.14 @380 - 520 MHz
0.12 @520 - 1700 MHz
0.20 @1700 - 2700 MHz
Max. VSWR / Return Loss, dBVSWR/dB1.40/15.5 @380 - 520 MHz
1.20/21 @520 - 2200 MHz
1.35/16.5 @2200 - 2500 MHz
1.40/15.5 @2500 - 2700 MHz
Intermodulation (IM3)150 dBc with 2x43 dBm tones
Avg. RF Power W250
Max. RF Power W10000
Max. DC Blocking Voltage, KVkV3

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector Type7-16 male
Output Connector Type7-16 female

Temperature Specifications

Temperature Range °C (°F)-35 to 75 (-31 to 167)

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