HYBRIFLEX® Fiber Optic Cable Assembly, MTP12/APC Male to MTP10/APC Male + 2 x SC/APC, LSZH, Indoor

Rev : B | Rev date : 03 Mar 2022

HYBRIFLEX fiber only cable assembly, 12 single mode fibers, preterminated with an MTP12 male connector on one end and an MTP10 male connector together with 2 SC/APC connectors on the other end. This assembly enables 2 fibers from an MTP12 backone cable to be "dropped" for connection with two SC/APC connections. Suitable for indoor applications, using LSZH materials. Optimized for Radio over Fiber (RoF) applications, for use within the RFS "Plug and Play" RoF solution.


  • High precision MTP and SC/APC fiber connectors provides low insertion loss, high return loss and excellent stability and durability
  • Available in a range of standard or customized lengths to simplify network design
  • Mechanical branching system ensures full strain relief
  • All connectors are terminated and tested in controlled conditions to ensure optimum performance and reliability
  • RFS' "Plug and Play" solution simplifies network design, minimizes installation/testing time and the necessary on site skills



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Technical features


Cable Type12 single mode fibers (G657 A2) , LSZH jacket, yellow
Number of Fiber12

Mechanical Specifications

Outer Diameter Nominal mm (in)4.5 (0.177)
Minimum Bending Radius, (Operating)mm (in)45 (1.772)
Minimum Bending Radius, (Installation)mm (in)90 (3.543)
Tensile Strength (Operating)130 N
Tensile Strength (Installation)440 N
Crush Resistance (Operating)300 N / 10 cm
Crush Resistance (Installation)1000 N / 10 cm

Cable Jacket

Jacket MaterialLSZH

F/O Cable Specifications

F/O Cable TypeLoose-tube, Single Mode
Core/Clad µm9 /125
Cable Diameter mm (in)3 (0.118)
Cable Diameter Breakout2.0 mm on the SC side
F/O Cable JacketLSZH
F/O Standards (Meets or Exceeds)G657A2
Fiber Termination End 1MTP/APC male, single mode, yellow housing, IEC 61754-7
Fiber Termination End 2MTP/APC male, single mode, yellow housing, IEC 61754-7 with 2 x SC/APC simplex
FO Break-out length (Top)mm(in)1000 +/-50 (39.37 +/-1.97)
Fiber Attenuation dB/km≤ 0.36dB/km λ=1310nm ; ≤0.22dB/km λ =1550nm
Connector Insertion LossMTP(SM):Max. 0.35 dB @ 1310&1550nm/ IEC 61300-3-4 Method B ; SC/APC(SM):Max. 0.3 dB @ 1310&1550nm/ IEC 61300-3-4 Method B
Connector Return LossMTP(SM): Min. 60 dB @ 1310&1550nm ; SC/APC(SM): Min. 60 dB @ 1310&1550nm

Testing and Environmental

Storage Temperature °C (°F)-25 to 70 (-13 to 158 )
Operation Temperature °C (°F)-20 to 60 (-4 to 140 )
Installation Temperature °C (°F)-10 to 55 (14 to 131 )

Additional Assemblies

LengthModel Name
1 mFONF-ME06S-001M
2 mFONF-ME06S-002M
3 mFONF-ME06S-003M
4 mFONF-ME06S-004M
5 mFONF-ME06S-005M
6 mFONF-ME06S-006M
7 mFONF-ME06S-007M
8 mFONF-ME06S-008M
9 mFONF-ME06S-009M
10 mFONF-ME06S-010M