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Grounding kit for FLEXWELL® Elliptical Waveguide E150

Rev : F | Rev date : 10 Jun 2022
The Grounding Kit is based on copper strip, sealing tape and rubber insert for FLEXWELL® Elliptical Waveguide E150


Easy waveguide installation

  • The earthing kit is used to ground a waveguide
  • The contact parts are made of solid copper to guarantee high current conduction
  • The kit provides a corrosion resistant installation

Picture shows GKIT-ST-220 for illustration

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Technical features


Product LineElliptical Waveguide Accessories
Type of Grounding KitPre-Formed Copper Strap
Transmission Line TypeE150, EP150
Cable TypeElliptical Waveguide
Cable SizeE150

Mechanical Specifications

Grounding Wire Length m (in)0.25 (10)
Grounding Wire Sizemm²
Grounding Body ColorBlack
Sealing ClassIP68

Packaging Information

Package Quantity1

Installation example, grounding cable is not included