BD Dehydrator Series Start Up Kit

Rev : A | Rev date : 12 Jul 2023

Dehydrator start-up kits and manifold kits include all air fittings and manifolds for
interconnection of the BD series dehydrators with pressurisable antennas, transmission lines
and feeder systems. Installation kits provide versatile mouting options. Maintenance kits are
recommended to ensure the highest level of reliability and lowest lifecycle costs of the


Start-up Kits provide a complete range of fittings and accessories for installation and
connection to a single system, or to corresponding manifold kit to support multiple antennas
and feeder systems.

Technical features

General Specifications

Product TypeDistribution
  • 1x Valve 1/8” NPT Needle
  • 1x Tee-Street 1/8” NPT
  • 1x Adaptor 1/8” FPT to 1/8” MPT
  • 1x Gauge 0-15 PSI, 1.5” Dia. 1/8” CBM
  • 3x Connector, 1/8” MPT to 3/8” PL
  • 1x Connector 3/8” PL to ½” MPT
  • 1x Elbow SWVL Adaptor 1/8” MPT to 3/8” PL
  • 1x Teflon Tape ¼”
  • 15m Tubing 3/8” OD

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