HA-DCPLUG-LI-xx Series
HYBRIFLEX® DC Connector Splitter for Low Inductance, Concentric Power Wire Kit

Rev : A | Rev date : 25 Apr 2022

RFS' patented DC wire insulator. Specially designed for Low Inductance, coaxial/concentric, DC wire installation in junction boxes and other applications. Allows for consistant and safe termination of these special wire types in various types of terminal block connectors.




  • Avoids short circuits when using Low Inductance wire
  • Made of flexible material for easier installation
  • Included with many of the the "LI" type HYBRIFLEX cables from RFS
  • Also offered separately in muti-piece kits

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Technical features

General Specifications

Product TypePower Wire Splitter Connector

Mechanical Specifications

Weight kg (lb)0.003 (0.007)
Dimensions Power Connector (LxWxD) mm (in)13.6 x 15.4 x 51.9 (0.54 x 0.61 x 2.04)

Testing and Environmental

Storage Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 75 (-40 to 167 )
Operation Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 75 (-40 to 167 )
Installation Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 75 (-40 to 167 )

Electrical Specifications

Supported Wire Cross Section6 AWG

Additional Information

Kit ModelQuantity Provided in Kit