HYBRIFLEX® Hybrid Trunk Cable, Single-Mode Fiber, 4 mm² Power Cable

Rev : B | Rev date : 27 Apr 2021

RFS' HYBRIFLEX™cabling solution for Remote Radio Head (RRU) combines optical fiber and DC power for RRUs in a single lightweight aluminum corrugated cable, making it the world’s most innovative solution for RRH deployments. It was developed to reduce installation complexity and cost at Cellular sites.

HYBRIFLEX™cabling solutions allows mobile operators deploying RRH architecture to standardize RRH installation process and eliminates the need for and the cost of cable grounding.

The HYBRIFLEX™ Jumper is part of the cabling solution for RRU’s. It consists of an armored part of length XX, a breakout part to the RRU and a breakout part to the Distribution Box. The breakout part to the RRU is outdoor ready and sealed according to IP68. The breakout part to the Distribution Box is suitable to be installed to the RFS Distribution Box DB-T1-4Z-8B-0Z.

This Jumper cable is suitable for Ericsson RRUs. The Jumper cables can be ordered in 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m armored length.



  •  Aluminum corrugated armor with outstanding bending characteristics

Minimizes installation time and enables mechanical protection and shielding

  • Build in Animal Protection

Improves the reliability of the installation

  • Outer conductor grounding

Eliminates typical grounding requirement and saves on installation costs

  • Lightweight solution and compact design

Decreases tower loads

  • Optical Fiber and power cables housed in single corrugated cable

Saves CAPEX by standardizing RRH cable installation and reducing installation equipments

  • Outdoor polyethylene jacket

Ensure long-lasting cable protection 


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Technical features


Cable TypeHybrid Jumper

Mechanical Specifications

Outer Diameter Nominal mm (in)15.8 (0.62)
Minimum Bending Radius, (Operating)mm (in)70 (3)
Minimum Bending Radius, (Installation)mm (in)125 (5)
Tensile Strength N (lb)150 (33.7)

DC Power Cable Specifications

Number of DC Pairs1
Maximum DC-Resistance Power Cable Ω/km (Ω/kft)4.95 (1.51)
Cross Section of Power Cable mm² (AWG)4 (12)
Shieldingprovided by Al armor
DC Wire Jacket MaterialPolyethylene Black/ Blue
DC Wire Jacket Thickness mm (in)0.5 (0.02)
DC Cable JacketUV stable black PE
DC Standards (Meets or Exceeds)IEC 60228

Cable Jacket

UV-Protection Individual and External JacketYes
Jacket MaterialUV stable black PE

Armor Specifications

Armor TypeCorrugated Aluminum
Maximum DC-Resistance of Armor Ω/km (Ω/kft)2.78 (0)
Copper Equivalent Cross Section of Armor mm² (AWG)8.4 (8)
Diameter Corrugated Armor mm (in)13.8 (0.54)

F/O Cable Specifications

F/O Cable TypeTight Buffer, Single Mode
Number of F/O Pairs2
Core/Clad µm9 /125
Secondary Protection Nominal µm (in)900 (0.036)
F/O Standards (Meets or Exceeds)ITU-T G.657.A
Optical LossdB/Km1 @ 1310 nm
1 @ 1550 nm
Fiber Termination End 1FULLAXS for Ericsson RRUs
Fiber Termination End 2LC Connector

Testing and Environmental

Storage Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 70 (-40 to 158 )
Operation Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 65 (-40 to 149 )
Installation Temperature °C (°F)-20 to 65 (-4 to 149 )

Additional Assemblies

LengthModel Name
1 mHA-FODC-ALBB-04-01
2 mHA-FODC-ALBB-04-02
3 mHA-FODC-ALBB-04-03
4 mHA-FODC-ALBB-04-04
5 mHA-FODC-ALBB-04-05