Hoisting Grip for Coaxial Cable and Elliptical Waveguide, Closed Lacing

Rev : C | Rev date : 25 Jul 2023

The hoisting grip consists of a wire mesh with 1 hoisting eye, closed version


Antenna Transmission Line Installation

  • Hoisting stockings distribute the force during installation
  • It holds the antenna transmission line by means of friction over their complete length
  • The closed version (C-Type) is used when top connector is installed after the antenna transmission line is
  • The open version (L-Type) is used where the top connector is installed prior to the hoisting

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Maximum cable length per hoisting grip
Cable type Length [m]
LCF158 60
HCA158 60
E/EP60 100

Technical features


Product LineCoaxial Cable Accessories, Elliptical Waveguide Accessories
Product TypeHoisting Grip
Transmission Line TypeLCF158, HCA158, E60, EP60
Coaxial Cable TypeAir Dielectric, Foam Dielectric
Configuration1 loop attachment

Mechanical Specifications

MaterialStainless steel

Packaging Information

Package Quantity1