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Perimeter Sway Bar for Parabolic Antenna 3ft

Rev : C | Rev date : 12 Jul 2022

Perimeter Sway Bar 1.35 Meters length for Parabolic Antenna 3ft


  • The perimeter sway bar reduces vibration of the reflector and increases stability of the antenna in worst case conditions.
  • The perimeter sway bar has no impact to the nominal survival wind speed performance of the antenna.
  • The operational wind speed of all SC3/SCX3 antennas will be improved with the perimeter sway bar to 252 km/h (155 mph).

Technical features

Mechanical Properties

Diameter m (ft) ()
Weight kg (lb)3.5 (7.716)
Sway bar lengthm (ft)1.35 (4.43)
SWAYBARDIAMETERmm (in)27 (1.063)


Product TypeReinforcement Hardware
Kit TypePerimeter Sway Bar
MaterialHot dip galvanised steel

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The perimeter sway bar includes only the red marked parts and fixing hardware.
Only applicable for CompactLine Easy SC3 and SCX3 antennas.
Diameter of the sway bar : 27 mm (1.3 in)
Length of the sway bar : 1350 mm (53.1 in)