HYBRIFLEX Optical Fiber & Power Cables - Hybrid

HYBRIFLEX Hybrid riser and jumper cables include any combination of power wires, optical fiber, and other cable types in a single lightweight and crush-resistant cable. These extensively field-proven cable solutions reduce installation time, complexity, and cost. More than 65 million feet of HYBRIFLEX cables have been deployed worldwide. Using HYBRIFLEX can significantly reduce installation time compared to installing individual power, fiber optic, and other cable types.

To ensure easy installation and long life in the field, HYBRIFLEX cables feature:

  • Best-in-class bending radius
  • Robust, corrugated aluminum or copper-wrapped armor
  • Strong core retention force
  • Proven corrosion resistance


HYBRIFLEX cables support any frequency and any technology to support future network evolution and protect your investment. Our extremely versatile family of power and fiber cables and jumpers are used in a wide range of applications globally, including:

  • High-power 5G radio deployments
  • Small cell 5G mmWave radio deployments
  • Cloud-RAN (C-RAN) deployments where RRHs are located significant distances from Baseband Units (BBUs)
  • In-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions
  • In-tunnel connectivity solutions


Our broad portfolio of HYBRIFLEX cabling solutions meets the requirements for many applications. When specific configurations are required, we have the expertise and agility to adapt our designs to deliver any combination of:

  • Riser cables and jumpers: Fiber and power combined or fiber-only, in any lengths
  • Power wires: Single or multi-conductor, armored or unarmored, 4 AWG to 20 AWG
  • Optical fiber: Single or multi-pair, riser or jumper, single-mode, or multi-mode
  • Other cable types: Ethernet, twisted pair, and small-form coax are just some examples
  • Accessories: Enclosures, clamps, hangers, hoist grips, grounding mechanisms HYBRIFLEX cables are available with factory-terminated assemblies or as bulk cable.



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