January 24, 2023

A guide to RFS University

RFS solutions are used across thousands of sites across the globe. From metros to mines, oil platforms to private networks, our cable solutions are built to be reliable and long lasting. All of that begins with the installation process. Getting that right is at the heart of delivering a solution that will last for decades. To deliver this for our partners and customers, 7 years ago we set up RFS University and in this week’s blog Leon Lenze, Product Manager at RFS talks through how this works.

Leon Lenze, Product Manager

Over the past 120 years hundreds of thousands of kilometers of cable have been deployed across all continents to solve connectivity challenges. As the challenges have evolved so too has our cable portfolio. Our RADIAFLEX and HYBRIFLEX solutions have, since their inception, been at the forefront of cable innovation using unique technology to deliver wireless connectivity even in the most difficult environments. 

As a consequence of offering unique cable, we have also had a responsibility to ensure that those partners using our cable are equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate particularities when installing that cable. This has taken many forms over the years from installation guides to on-site support from engineers and over the last 7 years we have seen significant success through our RFS University program. Driven out of the Hannover head office RFS University ‘modules’ take a range of forms depending on the needs and capabilities of the customer. 

Installation guides 

Available as paper versions and online via the website, we have constantly updated installation guides that take installers through the process of fitting RFS cable with detailed pictures and instructions. Over the years it has been an invaluable guide to those deploying our cable. It may be our most traditional resource, but as with everything it is continuing to evolve, including moving towards including QR codes on products to make accessing guides on site even easier. 

YouTube tutorials 

The RFS YouTube channel has a selection of video installation modules that take the viewer through a step-by-step guide to installing a variety of different cable solutions. Simple, easy to see and understand, our video education tools have seen over 14,000 views 

RFS University Classroom 

At the heart of our Hannover Manufacturing facility and head office is the RFS University Classroom. This is for in person training and most frequently used by channel and installation partners to give hands-on experience to those installing RFS cable in the fields. With multiple workstations, we offer half and full day training sessions with three levels of graded certification. 

By working closely with partners and installers we are able to ensure that deployments of RFS equipment reach their full potential and our “built-to-last” cable is deployed in a way that stands the test of time. 

If you would like to hear more about accessing RFS university resources, please get in touch with Leon Lenze, Product Manager at RFS.