March 16, 2022

In-building is the key to big 5G rewards

Earlier this year, we at RFS announced we would be expanding our HYBRIFLEX portfolio with three additional solutions to address the challenges of 5G roll out in different in-building and cross campus environments. Matt Gauvin, Global Product Line Manager – Fiber and Power Solutions and Stephen Cass, EMEA Regional Sales Manager at RFS now take a closer look at the solutions and the differences they make for our customers.

Radio Frequency Systems,

Operators are picking up serious momentum when it comes to 5G roll outs. As of December 2021, 487 operators in 145 countries or territories had invested in 5G mobile or fixed wireless networks with 200 of these having launched some level of 5G network coverage. However, there is still a long road ahead when it comes to ensuring that 5G meets its potential and drives maximum ROI. A big stumbling block to overcome will be to ensure comprehensive coverage, in particular, in buildings. 

Why care about in-building?

The simple answer is that it is a widely stated statistic that 80% of data transactions originate in building. To not capitalize on this is a significant opportunity wasted. However, we also have the business use cases, there are certain scenarios, for example in data centers, where high bandwidth coverage is essential. Recent data shows even more cause to ensure a solid in building strategy, as there is an opportunity for operators to explain their footprint in the wireless space by taking a bite out of the broadband market. In the more mature South Korean market, 14% of consumers on 5G plans have stopped their using WiFi. It is a huge opportunity and certainly in office block and apartment living environments, ensuring consistent connectivity could pave the way for a 5G first approach to connectivity which will help to deliver quick ROI for operators. Not only this but it will allow building managers to meet the expectation consumers now have for fast connectivity, reliable connectivity everywhere. 

How can we address this?

At RFS we have decades of experience when it comes to designing and delivering technology to support in-building applications. We recently launched three new solutions specifically designed to address 5G in-building challenges and deliver the connectivity vision that has been promised with the new generation of mobile connectivity. 

From across campus environments, to inside data centers, there is now a HYBRIFLEX solution perfectly matched to deployment requirements, helping our customers capitalize on the in-building 5G opportunity. 

To take a more detailed look at this, read our latest whitepaper that looks in detail at the HYBRIFLEX solutions, with case studies to demonstrate exactly how this technology can help meet demands and drive ROI.