Tackling Indoor 5G Coverage

Paula Mennone March 11, 2022
Earlier this year, we expanded our HYBRIFLEX portfolio to support DRS, Small Cell and Active DAS for in-building and across campus deployments. Read our latest whitepaper for a more detailed look at how we’re helping our customers address 5G challenges.

Operators are picking up serious momentum when it comes to 5G roll outs. As of December 2021, 487 operators in 145 countries or territories had invested in 5G mobile or fixed wireless networks with 200 of these having launched some level of 5G network coverage. However, there is still a long road ahead when it comes to ensuring that 5G meets its potential and drives maximum ROI. A big stumbling block to overcome will be to ensure comprehensive coverage, in particular, in buildings.

The need for in building 5G is absolutely clear, it is demanded by customers, and proven in more mature markets to be a key revenue driver for operators. So, with such significant drivers to address in building coverage the big questions are: how can operators achieve this and can existing approaches to in-building coverage support 5G?

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