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RFS Health & Safety Policy

The protection and improvement of the health and safety of everyone who works for or with Radio Frequency Systems, is a guiding principle in all our operations worldwide.

We are strongly committed to:
  • Providing healthy and safe working conditions for all our employees and promote well-being and fair treatment at work
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable occupational health and safety legislation along with other requirements to which we subscribe (including customer specific requirements as well as industry best practices)
  • Integrating occupational health and safety management into our business and processes including design, production, distribution, installation and support of our product and systems
  • Emphasizing the responsibility of both management and individual employees for healthy and safe working conditions and fair treatment for all for all
  • Striving to continuously improve our health and safety performance through risk management, preventing work-related accidents, ill health, diseases and incidents and by developing and implementing new working practices and technologies, which enhance our employees’ health and safety
  • Ensur ingthat our products are safe, and work with our suppliers and customers to promote responsible use throughout their life cycle
  • Promoting a healthy life-style and support voluntary activities that enhance employees’ health, well being and work-life balance
  • Promoting occupational health & safety conditions awareness through effective communication and training, and by sharing best practices, both internally and externally
  • Taking immediate action to remedy situations where incidents, audits and feedback identify areas for improvement in our health & safety management
  • Ensuring our suppliers, contractors and other business partners follow the same standards and place equally high priority on health & safety conditions in their operations