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RFS Services 360 for Wireless Connectivity

Turnkey project services for faster, easier network deployments

Don’t risk the unexpected deployment challenges and costly delays that can occur in network deployments. We offer a complete suite of turnkey project services that help keep your deployments on-time and on-budget.

With RFS Services 360, all of the expertise, skillsets and oversight needed for smooth, efficient network deployments and complete peace of mind are at your fingertips.

Leverage our high-performance network to deploy yours

We’ve been in business since 1900 and we’ve successfully supported thousands of network deployments around the world. No one understands the end-to-end deployment cycle better than we do.

With our global network of experts, we can support your project from the initial planning stages, through site construction, equipment integration, and optimization. And we can bring you specialized skillsets in key aspects of deployment such as installation, field supervision, commissioning, subsystem design, training and project management.

Maintain visibility and control every step of the way

With RFS Services 360, you have long-range visibility into every phase of the deployment process and the entire ecosystem of network experts involved in your project from start to finish.

RFS Services 360 also provides complete control over product flows and the entire manufacturing chain. We can customize products, manage lead times and target schedules to ensure sites are operational when planned.

Choose the right services for each project

Mix and match the right services to streamline and accelerate any deployment, from the most straightforward to the most complex.

RF Planning Services optimize your network design to get your deployment up and running and generating revenue as quickly as possible.

  • Audits
  • Network planning
  • Preventative maintenance inspections
  • Training

Site Engineering Services help you make the right decisions early in the build process to ensure projects move ahead smoothly with fully informed oversight.

  • Coverage analysis
  • Detuning
  • Grounding design and installation
  • iBwave design
  • Passive intermodulation (PIM) mitigation
  • Site design
  • Structural reviews and design

Site Development and Construction Services give you access to RFS experts as well as our network of factory-trained local contractors with experience in your geographic area.

  • Installation supervision
  • Project management
  • Site installation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Testing and installation

Equipment Integration and Optimization Services ensure you have the specialized engineering expertise needed to choose the right equipment for optimal network performance, on-time deployment and long-term viability.

  • Documentation
  • Integration
  • System integration
  • Troubleshooting

Here are just a few examples of how RFS Services 360 have helped our customers around the world:


George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Houston, Texas

Increase coverage within the airport to support the influx of visitors arriving to attend Super Bowl LI.


  • Coverage at three airport terminals as well as underground walkways were upgraded in just 23 days to ensure they were ready for Super Bowl crowds.
  • More than 72 km (45.2 miles) of RFS HYBRIFLEX® hybrid cables, single-mode fiber, power and ground wires and RF cables were installed, along with 45 km (28.4 miles) of conduit.
  • The project also included RFS overvoltage protection solutions, core drilling, cabinet and mounting work.

Petrobras oil rigs


Extend high-quality wireless coverage to every area on 30 oil and gas platforms to increase worker safety.


  • RFS provided more than 600 antennas and 11 km (6.8 miles) of RADIAFLEX® radiating cables to support the project.
  • RFS also provided a wide range of services, including technical site surveys, RF project design, installation, commissioning, field acceptance testing and operational assistance.
  • Solutions and services were customized for each platform and to meet Petrobras’ requirements for training and regulatory compliance.

Project REDFIN

New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory

Provide enhanced communications at four strategic military locations across Australia.


  • RFS provided 19 antennas, including 8 rotatable log periodic antennas, and a newly designed switching matrix for the project.
  • RFS also provided design, planning, civil works, installation and commissioning services required for the project.
  • The project scope included providing power and fiber services throughout the sites.

The Bukit Berapit Rail Tunnel


Design and deliver a mission-critical radio system for the longest rail tunnel in Malaysia.


  • RFS provided RADIAFLEX radiating cables to support Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) 400 UHF services for the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) and the KTMB railway company as well as VHF services for police communications.
  • RFS also provided design, installation supervision, testing, and commissioning services for the project.
  • RFS leveraged its wireless indoor solution experts on the design aspect of the project.