September 15, 2017

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam

From 15 to 19 September 2017, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) will be once again in Amsterdam at IBC, one of the three most important specialist trade fairs in the world for radio and television applications.


From 15 to 19 September 2017, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) will be once again in Amsterdam at IBC, one of the three most important specialist trade fairs in the world for radio and television applications.

Hans-Peter Quade, Global Manager HCA Cables and regional product manager for the entire Broadcast product range, will also be there, of course. He has been with the company for 27 years and as a vital link between clients and Product Engineering, it will be his 19th time at IBC. He explains in an interview what visitors can expect at the RFS meeting room, and what will make a visit so worthwhile.

Why is IBC so important?
H-P.Q.: “Quite simply because IBC shows everything which is important in this industry – you can find products and technologies from the latest recording techniques to studio and broadcasting technology. The RFS products are placed in the transmission field: We make the antennas that can be seen on TV towers all over the world, such as the Ostankino Tower in Moscow, Crystal Palace in London, and the One World Trade Center in New York.”

What exactly will there be at the RFS meeting room?
H-P.Q.: “Listening to the radio or watching television would not be possible without the antenna, and various different programs have to be combined to be transmitted by one large antenna. At our meeting room, you will see the latest as well as most successful software tools of recent years, such as the ‘Antenna Selector’ and ‘Combiner Selector’ to build antenna and combiner systems. These software types can be used directly by clients, thus allowing them to create such antennas in a first step, and essentially enabling them to prepare a first draft before the engineering stage. Our job will then be the fine tuning and production.”

Will there be another focus at the RFS meeting room?
H-P.Q.: “Yes, there will be – with BCAT (Broadcast Computer Aided Tuning) we are providing another software that can be used by both clients and manufacturers. It helps build the filters necessary for the different channels to be separated properly from one another at the same antenna.”

If you have time, we will share our knowledge gained from the successful conclusion of the “One World Trade Centre in New York” project. This fully future proof installation is equipped with RFS VPT (Variable Polarisation Technology) antennas and combiners. Broadcasting to the largest market in the USA required a detailed and cooperative approach.
It is definitely worth a visit!

Who else apart from you will be at IBC to answer questions?
H-P.Q.: “As well as me, Martin O’Donohue, Dave Thickett, Tomasz Borodo, and Afshin Panahi will be there. Martin O’Donohue is Global Product Line Manager and already has many years of experience in radio broadcasting. Dave Thickett is Systems Sales Director EMEA and is responsible for the creation of system designs. He can answer specific questions about the P700 project in England. Systems Sales Engineers Tomasz Borodo and Afshin Panahi take care of our clients in Europe and the Middle East.

Where will RFS be at IBC?
H-P.Q.: “Visitors can find us in the IABM Lounge in Hall 4 on the 2nd floor (Amtrium). We will have our own meeting room there where clients can find out more about us and our products in peace and quiet.”

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