February 18, 2019

RFS demonstrates end-to-end range of 5G-ready solutions at MWC 2019

Design expert RFS demonstrates 5G capabilities with an extended portfolio to tackle operator challenges


Munich, Germany – 18 February 2019 – RFS, the global designer and manufacturer of end-to-end solutions for wireless communication, will be showcasing its complete range of high performance 5G ready infrastructure at MWC 2019. 

Over the past 12 months, RFS has worked to develop solutions to improve the entire network infrastructure for mobile network business ahead of 5G. This focus has seen the company experience 34% growth and work with tier one operators across the globe as it continues to design end-to-end solutions to solve operator challenges.

One of the biggest challenges facing operators looking to roll out 5G is the availability of equipment that combines the technical performance needed to support 5G, with reliability and simplicity, in a compact product form with low visual impact. RFS is helping to address the problem with multiple 5G-ready solutions. From its ‘Super Small Cell’ range to wireless backhaul dual-band antennas, RFS is helping operators extend connectivity beyond the base station and penetrate dense urban areas where many 5G applications will sit without significant visual impact. 

This has led to the launch of its 5G-ready range; these products are specifically designed to offer streamlined and future-proofed 5G solutions which tackle the visual, weight and space restrictions that operators must work with when deploying new infrastructure. RFS has built on its Active Passive Antenna launch at MWC 2018 which consolidates base station equipment to reduce site footprint. Optimizing the product for easy installation with upgradable elements RFS now offers a future-proofed solution for operators. Additionally, within its small cell range, RFS will showcase the industry’s smallest small cell diplexer solutions to streamline installation and deliver maximum performance in the smallest possible space. 

Herbert Merz commented, “RFS has a long heritage in designing innovative solutions to address the most pertinent problems in the telecoms industry. Our 5G portfolio has been created based on the challenges that operators are set to face over the next 12 months. Working closely with our OEM and operator partners, we have identified the need for ‘stealth 5G’– end-to-end solutions that can be easily deployed and overcome the challenges operators face around space, visual impact and network complexity. The result is the creation of products that solve identified problems and will smooth the transition to 5G for operators and their customers alike.”

The products RFS will be showcasing at MWC:  

• Active Passive Antenna

Following the launch of the first Active Passive Antenna (APA) with interleaved radiating layers for 3.5GHz mMIMO by RFS at MWC 2018, RFS has evolved the product to address the real-world challenges operators are facing with 5G rollouts. Based on RFS’s Platform 3 and Platform 4 passive antenna formats which include low band (694-960 MHz), mid and high band (1425-2690 MHz) antenna arrays and works with the APA to give the same (potential) form factor while including optional mMIMO capabilities at 3.5 GHz.  The product has been extensively tested and optimized to ensure the interleaving scheme does not affect the performance of either the active or passive part of the antenna. 

Additionally, RFS has developed a product implementation process to ensure a future-proofed solution with its FUSION program. This allows operators to deploy any RFS FDD passive antenna today which can seamlessly be upgraded with active antenna components to add TDD active 5G mMIMO capacity without compromising performance and reducing TCO. The APA design means customers benefit from a future-proofed, easy to maintain solution which allows the co-existence of 4G and 5G required in multiple markets – including Europe, the Americas and APAC. 

High capacity 5G TDD trials are being conducted in markets around the world where co-existence of for example 4G and 5G will be required – this includes Europe, India, the America and Asia.

• Dual Band Antenna 

RFS will unveil its complete Dual Band antenna solutions, demonstrating microwave backhaul as a viable alternative to fiber to handle the demands of 5G in urban areas. Combining high capacity E-band with high availability 15GHz, 18 GHz and 23 GHz, RFS is able to ensure consistent quality of service over longer distances, with the capacity and low latency to support 5G. Operators also benefit from a reduced TCO with lower installation costs and tower leasing fees to smooth the evolution to 5G. 

• Small cells 

At MWC, RFS will showcase its super small cell range, which spans all equipment required for 5G-ready small cell deployments. The range includes everything from ultra-compact antennas to support 2G, 3G 4G and 5G and allow network evolution, to a new line of 5G-ready multiplexers to give optimum performance in the smallest footprint available, to smaller form factor, high performance cables and jumpers that now offer a NEX10 connector option. The FDPL and FDPAW series diplexers, slightly larger than a pack of cards offer the industries smallest size and weight combined with the lowest PIM, insertion loss and highest power handling to tackle the challenges of network densification associated with 5G. 

• In-building and in-tunnel cabling 

RFS will showcase its ability to assist with the end-to-end roll out of 5G with its in-building and in-tunnel solutions.

It’s flagship radiating MIMO cable which has already set the in-tunnel world record for speed, will be on show as RFS demonstrates the applications of this and its unconditionally 5G-ready cabling solutions to deliver last mile connectivity for operator and enterprise customers.  

A range of demos and solutions will be showcased on hospitality stand 2LV24, Hall 2.To set up a meeting at MWC 2019 with RFS to discuss the evolution to 5G and how RFS can help, contact Véronique De Fournoux



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