November 22, 2018

RFS expands its CPR compliant portfolio ahead of PMRExpo

Hardware design specialist combines technical expertise with commitment to safety to showcase best in class solutions


Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antennas and indoor coverage systems, announces the world’s first 1 5/8” radiating cable to achieve the top CPR classification. This will be showcased alongside its full range of  CPR-compliant cables for the highest fire protection classifications at PMRExpo in Cologne.

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) provides a common safety standard for fixed cables in buildings of all kinds. The regulation makes it easier for product purchasers to compare different suppliers in different countries and to ensure that the products comply with the strict fire safety standards. RFS is proud to offer premium cables for the highest possible fire protection classification as well as those for less demanding applications. 

RFS is the only company in Europe to offer such a comprehensive range of products complying with the highest fire protection classifications according to CPR. This includes its 1 5/8” RADIAFLEX cable with the option of a CPR compliant jacket which is only product of this specification to achieve the highest CPR class - B2ca s1 d0 a1. This is the world’s first and only cable meeting the most stringent requirements on fire safety, including zero droplets (d0). It will be commercially available from January 2019.  

Since 2017, RFS has committed to extending its portfolio of CPR Products with the following products now also certified as B2ca s1 d0 a1, the highest possible classification and sub-classification for coaxial cable: 

  • 1/2" CELLFLEX® Superflexible Foam-Dielectric Coaxial Cable (SCF12-50JFN)
  • 1/2" CELLFLEX® Low-Loss Foam-Dielectric Coaxial Cable (LCF12-50JFN
  • 7/8" CELLFLEX® Premium Attenuation Low-Loss Foam-Dielectric Coaxial Cable (LCF78-50JFNA)

The cables provide contoured RF coverage, providing exceptional results in even the toughest environments without compromising on safety. RFS is one of the only providers capable of combining technical excellence with the attention to safety needed in in-building deployments. 

Additionally, as part of RFS’s work to provide complete solutions to meet the needs of its customers, RFS will also be unveiling a new series of hangers at PMRExpo. The new Smart Fixing Solution (SFS) series will allow fast and reliable installation following RFS’s work to develop a range of hangers to help with the installation of its cable products in a variety of challenging environments.

RFS will exhibit at the PMRExpo in Cologne 27th – 29th November. To arrange a meeting, contact or visit booth E21.

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