September 4, 2019

RFS Hunan Broadcasting System Selects RFS Broadcast Antennas for Transmission Station Upgrade on China’s Iconic Mount Heng

The RFS digital TV and FM antennas selected for the Nanyue TV and FM transmission station feature the highest power ratings of any broadcast antennas in China


Shanghai, China, September 10, 2019 – Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global designer and manufacturer of total-package solutions for wireless and broadcast infrastructure, today announced that two of its high-power broadcast transmission antennas are being deployed at the Nanyue TV and FM transmission station on Mount Heng, one of the Five Great Mountains of China. The Nanyue TV and FM transmission station is operated by the Hunan Broadcasting System and is one of the most well-known broadcast transmission stations in China.  

The highest power broadcast antennas in China

Each of the RFS antennas selected for the high-profile deployment sets a new benchmark for broadcast transmission power in China:

  • The 160 kW FM transmission antenna is a 6-layer, 8-sided panel antenna with horizontal polarization and two dual-input dipoles 
  • The 80 kW UHF digital TV transmission antenna is an 8-layer, 4-sided panel antenna with horizontal polarization and four dual-input dipoles 

The antennas’ unique, multi-sided designs enable near-perfect horizontal field coverage for FM radio and digital TV transmissions.

“With the upgrade to the RFS broadcast antennas, the Nanyue station will be one of the most important transmission stations in Hunan province,” says Mr. Fang, director of the coverage and transmission division at Hunan Broadcasting System. “It will offer broader coverage and transmit more stable signals, enabling larger audiences to enjoy their favorite radio and television programs. The upgrade also means the Nanyue transmission station will become an important part of China's 5G broadcast strategy.”

“The selection and deployment of our FM and UHF broadcast antenna systems at the Nanyue transmission station is a very important milestone for RFS in China,” says Tapani Sairanen, RFS VP of sales for Asia Pacific. “The advanced design, excellent performance, and proven quality of these antennas will help to raise the profile of our product portfolio and boost our competitive advantage in the Chinese marketplace.”

“The selection and deployment of our FM and UHF antenna transmission systems is a very important milestone for RFS in China”

The FM transmission antenna is already deployed at the Mount Heng location with the UHF antenna deployment is expected to be completed by the end of September. Along with the two broadcast antennas, RFS is also providing its 5 inch and 5.5 inch low-loss HELIFLEX® air dielectric coaxial cables to support the deployment.

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