April 22, 2024

RFS launches LightDrum for flexible, greener logistics

A small version of RFS’s standard drum, LightDrum minimizes waste when ordering shorter cable lengths


22 April 2024, Hannover, Germany, RFS, a specialist in the design and manufacture of premium, future-ready cable solutions, announces the launch of LightDrum to give customers greater flexibility around product delivery and reduce the carbon cost of logistics. 

The LightDrum measures 39.6 cm x 60 cm, allowing six LightDrums to be transported on a single pallet. They have been optimized for truck transport in Europe and specifically designed to fit efficiently on EUR Pallets. This allows RFS to make better use of height compared with standard drums, which are not possible to stack. 

A typical standard drum holds 500m of any cable size and larger drums up to 2km of ½” or 7/8” cable. These drums are ideal for large-scale projects and allowing customers to easily cut the required cable length. The LightDrum is designed for customers needing more flexibility, such as those working on small and medium-scale projects and customers carrying out refit/repair works where a smaller amount of cable is required. 

The LightDrum also offers a number of additional benefits: 

  • The LightDrum can be lifted by 1-2 people and without needing a forklift. This eases on-site logistics and reduces the CO2 emissions of moving cable around a site. 
  • The LightDrum is small enough to fit into the boot of a car. Its compact size also makes it easier to transport in smaller trucks, which are usually used by installation teams. 
  • Transport costs and CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced. Selecting a LightDrum instead of a partially loaded standard drum offers a 77% reduction in the transport CO2 emissions. 

Christopher Roch, Product Manager at RFS, commented, “The aim at RFS is to deliver best-in-class solutions that not only meet their connectivity needs but align with their wider business goals. With ESG an increasing priority, we need to find ways to move the needle on reducing the carbon footprint of both our products and product delivery. LightDrum is a firm step in the direction of greener product delivery with no compromise on product quality or ease of installation.”

LightDrums are immediately available for the following cable types (all jacket options) for orders up to the length listed: 

  • CELLFLEX  SCF14-50 – 500 m
  • CELLFLEX  LCF14-50 – 500 m
  • CELLFLEX  SCF38-50 – 500 m
  • CELLFLEX  LCF38-50 – 450 m
  • CELLFLEX  SCF12-50 – 275 m
  • CELLFLEX  LCF12-50 – 240 m

If you would like more information about placing an order delivered on a LightDrum, please get in touch