June 19, 2019

RFS launches off-the-shelf elliptical broadband antenna to power the repack

RFS expands broadcast portfolio following 500% business growth to provide continued repack support for US broadcasters experiencing timeline challenges


Meriden (Connecticut), June 18, 2019 – Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global designer and manufacturer of cable, RF systems, antenna and tower systems providing total-package solutions for wireless and broadcast infrastructure, today announces the availability of its elliptically polarized broadband antenna to support its continued growth in the US broadcast market. 

The launch of RFS’s Elliptical Wideband Slot antenna will address anticipated challenges in the next repack phases with a flexible off-the-shelf solution. This Elliptical Wideband Slot antenna is designed for full band operation, featuring a constant 25% or 30% elliptical polarization on all channels.  It allows rapid manufacture in the US, and by using off-the-shelf modular components, RFS is able to tailor the product to suit customer needs while significantly reducing the lead-time for delivery, as it can be mass produced. 

It is easy to install and as challenges mount over main antennas being ready for repack deadlines offers an interim antenna solution that will solve problems faced by broadcasters over the next 12 months. Not only this but the antenna performance allows it to then act as a permanent auxiliary antenna, protecting broadcasters’ investment in the product. 

RFS has seen its US broadcast arm go from strength to strength with 500% growth in 2018, driven by the success of its patented Variable Polarization Technology (VPT), iconic deployments such as One World Trade, and delivery of repack-focused systems. The company has ramped up US antenna production of slotted array antennas to cut delivery times for its customer. This has allowed RFS to consistently deliver on its portfolio of repack projects with 100% of equipment orders completed to allow its customers to meet the timelines set out by the FCC for the repack. This has helped to expand RFS’s footprint in the US market, including becoming a supplier to the most recognized station groups and networks in North America. 

Eddy Vanderkerken, Director of Sales - Broadcast at RFS commented, “Later phases of the repack are working within very narrow timeframes that will push the equipment manufacture industry more than ever before. Broadcasting equipment has always relied on made to spec equipment that brings with it a long lead time that isn’t necessarily suited to the industry’s current need. By creating an off the shelf solution that can be adapted depending on broadcasters need and delivered quickly, we hope to ensure the repack continues to go off without a hitch.”

Benefits of Elliptical Broadband antenna:

  • Full band operation – allows rapid manufacture
  • Easy to install 
  • Low wind load to minimize the need for tower reinforcement
  • Standard azimuth patterns: C160, C170, S180, reducing filing requirements
  • Suitable as a permanent auxiliary antenna once the main antenna is installed
  • Smooth elevation patterns 
  • Broadband elliptical polarization which produces equal polarization ratio for multiple channels 


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