February 24, 2020

RFS shows it is unconditionally 5G ready with virtual MWC 2020 tour

Design expert RFS demonstrates 5G capabilities with a virtual MWC stand highlighting latest innovations


Hannover, Germany – February 24, 2020 – RFS, the global designer and manufacturer of end-to-end solutions for wireless communication, will be showcasing its complete range of high performance 5G ready infrastructure with virtual visits to an exhibition booth in its Hannover production site.

Following the cancellation of MWC 2020, RFS has developed a virtual visit for its customers, partners,  and media to highlight innovative flagship products which simplify the evolution to 5G. 

The past year has seen RFS expand product lines and introduce new solutions to assist operators as they look to incorporate 5G offerings into their portfolio. The customer-focused approach to product design has seen the company work with carriers across the globe as it continues to design end-to-end solutions to solve operator challenges. They work to ensure best in class performance while addressing difficulties such as site constraints, form factor, ROI demands and promising futureproofing to protect investments. 

Monika Maurer, CEO and President at RFS commented, “Exciting times lie ahead as 5G becomes a reality, however the road there is paved with challenges and RFS is delighted to have a portfolio that is unmatched in its ability to help operators overcome the problems associated with 5G roll-outs. The past 12 months have seen our R&D teams combine years of experience with customer feedback to develop solutions for the toughest of network evolution challenges and develop a portfolio that streamlines and simplifies 5G deployments.”

The products RFS will be showcasing are:  

  • Base Station Antennas 

The newly launched range of compact, multi-technology, modular 5G-ready antennas will be on show. This solution uses a ‘building block’ approach so that RFS designers can quickly react to solve challenges faced by operators with 5G roll outs. 

The solution which can be applied to both base station and small cell antenna equipment, allows customers to select multiple frequencies and technologies, i.e. 5G, 4G, 3G, which are formatted into a single hybrid antenna, without impacting the performance of any frequency. By consolidating multiple technologies into a single antenna, RFS reduces OPEX and CAPEX costs, plus, by using a building block approach, can offer heavily tailored products, without the delay to market that usually accompanies custom-built equipment. Additionally, the platform2, platform3 and platform4 solutions are all suited to integrate 8T8R and higher order TDD beam formers for 5G, allowing additionally functionality, without increasing site footprint.

  • Small Cells Connectivity 

Alongside showcasing the principles of modular, multi-technology 5G-ready antennas can also be applied to RFS small cells, the division will be showing the latest expansion of its HYBRIFLEX® family of jumper cables. The new hybrid (power & fiber) and fiber only jumpers simplify small cell 5G radio deployments giving operators more versatility when it comes to their small cell deployments. With large numbers of small cell radios close to end users key to mobile operator strategies as part of 5G evolution, the new families of HYBRFLEX jumpers offer the flexibility to install small cell 5G radios in any location and take advantage of any power source.

  • Dual Band Microwave Antennas 

Following the launch of its Dual Band antenna solutions in 2019, RFS will be demonstrating how microwave links work as a viable alternative to fiber to handle the demands of 5G backhaul. Combining high capacity E-band with high availability 15GHz, 18 GHz and 23 GHz, RFS is able to ensure consistent quality of service over longer distances, with the capacity and low latency needed for 5G and to support IoT use cases. Operators also benefit from a reduced TCO with lower installation costs and tower leasing fees to smooth the evolution to 5G. 

  • In-building and In-tunnel Connectivity 

RFS will demonstrate its ability to assist with the end-to-end roll out of 5G with its in-building and in-tunnel solutions. 

5G-ready in-tunnel cable

RFS recently launched its latest patented Radiaflex® radiating cable which supports all mission critical and commercial wireless services, working in all 3GPP bands up to 3.8GHz. Using RFS’s unique mode suppression technology the ultra-broadband cable works with no stopbands to support current and future frequency needs. The radiating cable is technology agnostic, giving complete flexibility to customers, supporting mixed configurations and multi-operator or shared infrastructure deployments. 

This versatile 5G ready cable is specifically designed to meet the challenges of MIMO deployments. Using a combination of horizontally polarized radiating cable and vertically polarized radiating cable, RFS enables maximum capacity and throughput of fifth generation wireless networks, meeting the commercial requirements of customer deployments.

RFS offers an extremely comprehensive list of RADIAFLEX® radiating and CELLFLEX® feeder cables that comply with regulation directives and most stringent standards for indoor use. 

RFS’ end-to-end Passive DAS solutions deliver all of the capabilities needed to give people better access to wireless services in buildings while meeting technical and financial requirements. The unconditionally 5G ready RFS offer includes RF cables with wideband frequency coverage up to 6 GHz, ultra-wideband passive RF products up to 6 GHz featuring low PIM performance reducing potential sources of signal degradation, and a wide range of SISO, 2x2 MIMO and 4x4 MIMO indoor antennas up to 6 GHz.


Following virtual tours, visitors can arrange one-to-one meetings with RFS to discuss any of its network evolution solutions. To arrange contact Véronique De Fournoux: to book a meeting. 

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