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Base Station Antenna painting instructions

How to paint RFS Base Station Antenna radomes to match the surrounding environment, while assuring good electrical performance

RFS receives requests for advice about refinishing weathered Base Station Antenna radomes or changing the radome color for aesthetic reasons such as camouflage. Any paint selection should be compatible with radome materials and not interfere with the antenna's electrical performance.

We do not take a position on any particular manufacturer's paint. However, there are two primary considerations regarding the choice of paint:

  1. The first one is adhesion. A variety of radome materials are used for antenna construction so the surface texture will vary.  Some paints having the best durability here may be dangerous to work with and require an EPA qualified application facility. Preparation is important.  All surface contamination must be removed.
  2. The second one is the choice of pigment. RF transparency is crucial, so conductive coloring materials such as carbonblack, lead, and metallic powders cannot be used. Lighter colors are preferred where practicable to reduce internal temperature extremes which could occur on hot, sunny days.

There are also some precautions one should take:

  • Mask all connectors and all labels before painting.
  • Maintain all DC ground paths during application.
  • Do not seal any drain or ventilation holes with paint.

We encourage you to contact our Applications Engineering for advice in these matters. However, there is no substitute for detailed instructions and mix ratios provided by the paint manufacturer.

RADOME MATERIAL (Standard Color) / RFS Antenna Product Series

  1. Spun Epoxy Fiberglass (Blue) / Penetrator Antennas (BxR Series)
  2. Polyester Impregnated Fiberglass (White) / Stationmaster Antennas (Omni Series)
  3. ASA (Grey) / Panel Antennas (AP90 Series)
  4. AES/ABS (White or Grey) / US Panel Antennas (Other APxx Models)
  5. Teflon Coated Fiberglass (Field Painting Not Possible) / Planar Radomes for Shrouded MW Antenna