A Dual-Band Answer to the Challenges of 5G Backhaul

Paula Mennone March 17, 2021
The vision and market value of 5G is absolutely contingent on having the right infrastructure in place to support it. Reliable backhaul is an absolutely critical part of that solid infrastructure and so one of the big challenges that operators face is how to deliver robust backhaul that marries the capacity, coverage and reliability to let 5G reach its promised potential.

5G offers significant revenue opportunities for operators, but only if the infrastructure is in place to consistently and reliably support them. Operators need to deliver unequivocal connectivity and dual-band solutions offer a smart solution to this challenge. By diversifying frequencies, they can offer enhanced reliability of connectivity, as well as increased capacity. By using a consolidated form factor they can avoid escalating tower costs, and minimize the visual impact of 5G. Read the white paper to learn why dual-band microwave antennas are ideal for 5G microwave backhauling in urban, suburban and rural environments.

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