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IBC 2019

13–17 Sep 2019 RAI, Amsterdam, NL

5Good reasons to visit us at Futurecom 2019
To help you get as excited as we are about evolving to a 5G future, here's a sneak peek at why you can't afford to skip the RFS booth.

#1 End-to-end optimization
Our enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) solutions improve data throughput and spectrum efficiency to optimize 5G from base stations to inside buildings. Guaranteed.

#2 We’re 5G-ready!
From combined active and passive antennas to beamforming and small cell antennas, we have the antennas you need to evolve to 5G.

#3 A broad spectrum of solutions
Our base station antenna (BSA) solutions support all frequencies and technologies needed for sub-6 GHz spectrum segmentation. And our new compact diplexer covers frequencies from 80 MHz to 5.9 GHz

#4 We have the perfect match
Combine two “perfect match” radiating cables from RFS to create a MIMO solution that takes in-tunnel data rates to higher levels.

#5 It’s time to make 5G microwave backhaul a reality
Our innovative dual-band microwave antenna solutions are ready to be put to work in your network.

RFS on the stage
Don’t miss RFS in action: • Diego DiCarlo, our Customer Solutions Manager, will lead a technical presentation focusing on RFS’ in-tunnel expertise on October 29th, from 10:50am to 11:20am, at arena “Ecossistema Digital”. • Peter Raabe, our Strategy Director, will participate in the “Challenges of 5G Deployment” panel on Wednesday, October 30th, from 9:30 am to 10:40 am in the “Hiper Conectado” auditorium.

Happy Hour
Happy hour starts 2 hours before closing every day at RFS booth C27! Come and talk to our experts in a very informal and enjoyable environment!