Come and meet us at


14–18 Sep 2018 RAI, Amsterdam, NL

Stop by and discover how RFS is supporting broadcasters transition to new business models and evolve their network for the future.

RFS is located in Hall 8 booth E.81. Visit our booth and preview the following solutions: • Variable Polarization Technology (VPT) – RFS' patented Variable Polarization Technology provides the future-proof technology that you need today. With so many unknowns in the market, and ever improving digital standards just on the horizon, why not upgrade your system today with one that is truly future proof - one that allows for future changes in polarization ratios as business models change. • Antenna analysis and selection tool (AAST) – Download this tool that offers full flexibility to choose a wealth of parameters, and creates a full report that makes the selection of an antenna easy, and details everything from transmitter output power, losses in filters, combiners and cables, to the ERP and radiation patterns that will result from the selections made. • Combiner Analysis and Selection Tool (CAST) – The RFS Combiner Analysis and Selection Tool allows the user to select and configure a channel combiner for use in a multi-channel transmission system. Channel information, transmitter power and modulation type can be chosen and combiner system options selected. Also input and output switching and directional couplers can be configured. The tool generates a full report detailing the combiner module types selected, power handling, insertion loss, group delay and other parameters. Take the opportunity to setup a meeting with our experts from all over the world, and take advantage of their collective experience and knowledge from some of the most exciting projects ever undertaken in broadcasting.