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Come and meet us at

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2020

24 – 27 Feb 2020 . Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

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Keep it simple. Evolve to 5G with RFS.

Our entire 5G-ready portfolio of cables, base station antennas and microwave solutions is designed to simplify your evolution to 5G. And we’re showcasing some of our most innovative advances at MWC20 Barcelona.

Find out how we make 5G your new reality:
• See our 5G-ready cables and antennas in real-world scenarios
• Talk to our technical experts to get the inside story
• Discuss strategies for evolution with our executives

5Great innovations that target your toughest challenges
Real end to end solutions for real-world challenges. We’re ready to take you to 5G.

#1. Simplify macro site evolution
with antennas that are big on performance but low on visual impact.

#2 Deploy small cells everywhere
with street-level solutions for urban environments.

#3 Upgrade to high-capacity 5G microwave links
with dual-band microwave antennas.

#4 Streamline installations
with multiband base station antennas that are optimized for weight, reliability and more.

#5 Take 5G indoors
with industry-leading solutions for in-tunnel and in-building communications.