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Keep it simple. Evolve to 5G with RFS.

Our entire 5G-ready portfolio of cables, base station antennas and microwave solutions is designed to simplify your evolution to 5G. And we’re showcasing some of our most innovative advances at MWC20 Barcelona. Find out how we make 5G your new reality: • See our 5G-ready cables and antennas in real-world scenarios • Talk to our technical experts to get the inside story • Discuss strategies for evolution with our executives

NEXTGEN-TV Product Guide
Discover RFS' portfolio of ready to ship solutions to help broadcasters futureproof infrastructure as they deploy NEXTGEN TV services.
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RFS announces brand new portfolio of NEXTGEN TV products
RFS launches new NEXTGEN TV product portfolio to give broadcasters a future-proof way to evolve their network infrastructure. The full range of antennas, combiners and cables gives broadcasters a one-stop-shop for the equipment they need for the Single Frequency Network (SFN) sites that are essential for expanding the services over-the-air TV can offer. The solutions are also designed to adapt to support future broadcasting needs, including 5G broadcasting, so that infrastructure investments today can serve broadcasters over the next decade and beyond.
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Rapid-fit, air-dielectric cable connectors
RFS introduces HELIFLEX Rapid Fit coaxial connectors for 1-5/8”, 3” and 4” air transmission lines. These low loss high performance connectors are quick and easy to install with basic hand tools and they feature o-ring sealing. Sealing compound is no longer needed and once the connector is installed the cable can be pressurized and is ready for use. Save installation time and money at SFN sites with these new connectors. They’re also ideal for FM radio and Low Power Television (LPTV) deployments.
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Antenna analysis and selection tool (AAST)
Download this tool that offers full flexibility to choose a wealth of parameters, and creates a full report that makes the selection of an antenna easy, and details everything from transmitter output power, losses in filters, combiners and cables, to the ERP and radiation patterns that will result from the selections made.
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North America Broadcast Solutions Selection Guide
RFS’ broadcast selection guide for North America is the essential tool to find the most relevant products and solutions for the Repack and beyond. It includes antennas, filters, combiners, cable and much more.
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RF systems pre-tuned for NEXTGEN-TV
Futureproof your investments with field-proven RF systems. These rock-solid RF systems handle high power requirements with no drift in temperature and are pre-tuned for ATSC 3.0 to simplify your evolution to Next Gen TV. Simply install, power-up and walk away. The systems’ compact size minimizes space requirements and they’re fully retunable to support future requirements or relocation.
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Compact combiners for SFN sites
Cut costs while maintaining high performance with compact, medium-power channel combiners for Single Frequency Network (SFN) sites. Unlike competing combiners that must be uninstalled and returned to the factory for retuning, these future-ready and highly flexible combiners can be retuned in the field with our innovative Broadcast Computer Aided Tuning (BCAT™) software.
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Versatile, NEXTGEN-TV antennas
Meet the unique requirements of SFN sites with multi-channel broadband antennas that are designed to minimize interference and windload. These versatile Next Gen TV antennas offer a full suite of omnidirectional and directional patterns, including cardioid and sector with suppressed rearward radiation. They support elliptical or circular polarization, provide up to 16 bays and are available in side- or top-mount configurations.
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Customizable master antennas
Customize radiation patterns and polarization for Next Gen TV with master antennas that are ideal for the high-power SFN main sites. With our proprietary computer aided design capabilities, it’s fast and easy to tailor polarization to meet your specific requirements. For SFN sites where you anticipate multi-frequency requirements, we offer low-windload panel antennas. And, for locations where you need a next-gen side-mount antenna, choose our high-power broadband slot antennas with elliptical polarization.
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High-power, air-cooled filters
Increase filtering power and flexibility with field-retunable, forced-air-cooled PeakPower+™ filters. These coaxial RF filters are available in 6-pole and 8-pole models with up to 60 kW of power or 120 kW in a Constant Impedance Filter (CIF). The RFS BCAT software makes retuning in the field fast and easy.
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Elliptical wideband slot antennas
Simplify your evolution with broadband slot antennas that can be used by multiple broadcasters to meet interim or auxiliary requirements. These high-power, high-performance antennas provide fixed elliptical polarization that is constant across the UHF band to support current and future channel operation. A corrosion-resistant cylindrical fiberglass radome ensures extremely low wind loading.
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