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BD8402W Series
Dehydrator for broadcast applications

Rev : 03 | Rev date : 24 Aug 2022


The BD8402W series dehydrators are used for pressurisation of broadcast antennas and transmission lines. The dehydrator removes the moisture from damp ambient air to deliver a reliable, constant, on-demand source of dry, pressurised air.  The inherent reliability of the BD series design, combined with the high output capacity make these units an ideal choice for pressurisation of broadcast systems. Low pressure systems (suffix LP) are available for applications where reduced pressure is required, for example; pressurization of broadcast antenna radomes, broadcast waveguide transmission lines or broadcast STL systems. The BD8402W Series dehydrators employ a fully digital operating platform offering the most accurate readings of operating variables, either from the front panel or by a remote connection.


  • Dual, Independently Functioning Systems
  • LCD display of All Operating Parameters
  • Status & Configuration Access via Web Browser Interface
  • Remote Access and Alarm Reset Capabilities
  • SNMP Communication Compatible
  • Accurate Humidity Sensing within ±0.1% RH
  • Ultra Quiet Compressors
  • Removable Compressor Tray for Ease of Maintenance
  • 8,000 Hour Maintenance Interval


Product Type   Automatic Dehydrator


Output Capacity (Both Systems/ Single System) l/hr
Normal: 7670 (6500) Continuous
Maximum: 9911 (8400) Emergency
Power Requirement   220 - 230 VAC, Single-phase, 50 / 60Hz
(30 Amp service recommended)
Operating Current A 15
Outlet Pressure Range kPa
0 - 103.4
(0 - 15)
Outlet Air Relative Humidity   Less than 2% RH
Compressor Type   Two-cylinder, 3/4 HP, Oil-less Type
Dehydrating Method   Heatless Desiccant
Environment Operating Temperature Range °C (°F) 5°-30° (40°-85°)  Ambient
*Unit will go into SHUTDOWN mode if cabinet temperature exceeds 49° (120°)
Noise Level at 3m (10ft) dBA 78.8
Heat Dissipation kW
Alarms   Complete readings of all critical measurement points, individual alarm indication display,
including SNMP Communication and 2 Common Alarm Points
Outlet Connections   1/2" NPT female
Depth x Width x Height
cm (in) 53.3 x 64.1 x 124.5 (21 x 25.25 x 49)
Weight kg (lb) 120 (265)


Kit Number   Description
GLK2 [Note 1] Gas Line and accessories kit for BD4200 & BD8402 Series dehydrators
P011752   Installation Kit
P011766   6 Month Maintenance Kit
P011813   8000 Hour Maintenance Kit
P011814   16000 Hour Maintenance Kit

Additional Accessories 

Kit Number   Description
PWM2G   2-Port Manifold with Pressure Gauges
PWM2GC [Note 2] 2-Port Manifold with Pressure Gauges & Check Valves
PWM4G   4-Port Manifold with Pressure Gauges
PWM4GC [Note 2] 4-Port Manifold with Pressure Gauges & Check Valves
PWM8G   8-Port Manifold with Pressure Gauges
PWM8GC [Note 2] 8-Port Manifold with Pressure Gauges & Check Valves
P8741SFM   Single Pipe Panel
P8741DFM   Dual Pipe Panel
PFMP2310   Flow Distribution Panel

1. GLK2 Kit contains: 50' of 3/8" tube, 1/8 NPT Gas inlet port for RF connector, Adapter (1/2" - 3/8"), Ball valve, 3/8" & PTFE tape.
2. Manifold units with check valves are not recommended for pressurising antennas with dual feedlines.   

Screen image showing remote display of dehydrator status and alarms

PWM4G :  4-Port Manifold with Pressure Gauges