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Dual Band 6ft (1.8m) Antenna, Ultra High Performance, Low band Wide 6GHz Dual Polarized, High Band Wide 11GHz Dual Polarized

Rev : C | Rev date : 28 Oct 2022
Dual band large size antenns are the ideal solution for longhaul
application when ultrahigh
capacity cannot be achieved by a single frequency operation.
These antennas enable multiple signal propagating in two different frequency bands by one
set of feed and reflector. In addtion to providing the benefits including flexible frequency plan
and diversity, this solution reduces tower load, tower rental space, transportation cost and
installation time.
RFS offers these antennas in the most popular frequency combinations such as 6GHz and
11GHz, with the sizes from 6ft (1.8m) to 12ft (3.7m).


  • One antenna covering two most popular frequency bands 6GHz and 11GHz
  • Available antenna sizes include 6ft (1.8m), 8ft (2.4m), 10ft (3.0m) and 12ft (3.7m)
  • Maximize link capacity by supporting dual polarization in each band
  • High XPD provides better support to XPIC and CCDP
  • Achieve better frequency diversity (FD) effect

Technical features

General Specifications

Product TypePoint to point antennas
PerformanceUltra High
Antenna InputPDR70PBR100
Antenna colorWhite RAL 9010
Swaybar1: 2.0 m x Ø60mm
Polarization - dual dual

Electrical Specifications

Frequency GHz 5.925-7.125 10.3-11.7
Regulatory Compliance - ETSI EN 302217 R1 C3
US FCC cat 101A
ACMA FX03-6B/6.7B
IC SRSP 305.9A/306.4A
ETSI EN 302217 R1 C3
US FCC cat 101A
ACMA FX03-10B/11B
IC SRSP 310.5 / 310.7B
Low band gain dBi 38.4 43.3
Mid band gain dBi 39.3 43.8
High band gain dBi 40.1 44.2
F/B ratio dB 69 73
Max VSWR / RL - (dB) 1.22 (20) 1.22 (20)
IPI dB 45 45
3dB beamwidthdegrees1.71
XPD dB3636
Low - High Frequency Band discrimination dB40

Mechanical Specifications

Diameter ft (m)6 (1.8)
Elevation Adjustment degrees±5
Azimuth Adjustment degrees±5
Polarization Adjustment degrees±5
Mounting Pipe Diameter minimum mm (in)114 (4.5)
Mounting Pipe Diameter maximum mm (in)114 (4.5)
Approximate Weight kg (lb)110 (242)
Survival Windspeedkm/h (mph)200 (125)
Operational Windspeedkm/h (mph)190 (118)


Radome MaterialPVC coated fabric

Further Accessories

optional Swaybar1: SMA-SK-60-2000A (2.0 m x Ø60mm)
Further AccessoriesSMA-WK-6 : Wind Kit
SMA-SKO-UNIVERSAL-L : Universal sway bar fixation kit


Dimension_Amm (in)2000 (79)
Dimension_Bmm (in)1242 (48.9)
Dimension_Cmm (in)364 (14.3)
Dim_D-114mm(4.5_in)Pipemm (in)175 (6.9)
Dimension_Emm (in)283 (11.1)
Dimension_Fmm (in)590 (23.2)


Fs Side force max. @ survival wind speed N (lb)3715 (832)
Fa Axial force max. @ survival wind speed N (lb)7500 (1680)
M Torque maximum @ survival wind speed Nm (ft lb)Nm (lb ft)2835 (2100)


Packaging typeCrate
Packaging Width cm (inch)68 (26.8)
Packaging Length cm (inch)199 (78.3)
Packaging Height cm (inch)207 (81.5)
Packaging Volume m³ (ft³)2.8 (98.9)
Packaging Weight gross kg (lb)160 (352.7)