Desiccant Cartridge Kit for rectangular waveguide R320

Rev : B | Rev date : 19 Jul 2024
Desiccant cartridge kit R320 consisting of:
Straight rectangular waveguide section with PBR/UBR 320 flanges
Gas inlet adapter with G1/8" thread
Desiccant cartridge - in an airproofed can
Desiccant cartridge holder
Right angle adapter with G1/8" thread
Screw kit and O-Ring for PBR Flange,
Teflon Tape
Installation Instruction


The RFS desiccant cartridge is a compact and economical solution designed to protect antenna/feeder systems against moisture. The desiccant cartridge is connected to the system and the humidity indicator will provide an early warning (long before link failure) if moisture has entered the system in spite of all the precautionary measures taken. In case of high humidity, the material inside the cartridge will be saturated. This is indicated if the colour changes from blue to violet of the material visible through the window in the front side of the desiccant.

Technical features


Type of Rectangular Waveguide ComponentDesiccant Cartidge
Waveguide Size IEC (EIA)R320 (WR28)
Flange APBR320
Flange BUBR320
Flange FinishBrass un-plated
Package Quantity1

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range GHz26.3 - 40
Minimum Return Loss (max. VSWR) dB (VSWR)26.4 (1.10)

Mechanical Specifications

Length mm (in)30 (1.2)


MaterialRectangular waveguide section: Brass
Gas inlet adapter: Brass nickel plated
Right angle adapter: Brass nickel plated
Screw kit: Stainless steel
O-ring: Silicone rubber
Desiccant cartridge housing: Brass

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