Desiccant cartridge Kit

Rev : A | Rev date : 12 Jul 2023

Desiccant cartridge for moisture indication on small length elliptical waveguides E100 to E220 with air inlet G1/8


Desiccant cartridge to indicate high humidity. Granulate changes colour in the visual display from blue to violett in case the humidity in the closed waveguides system exceed 40%. In this case, purges of the waveguide with dry air (nitrogen gas) is recommended. The kit is unsuitable for drying closed waveguide systems with too high humidity.

Technical features

General Specifications

Product TypeDistribution
  • 1x Desiccant cartridge - in an airproofed can
  • 1x Desiccant cartridge holder
  • 1x Right angle adapter with G1/8" thread
  • 1x Teflon Tape
  • 1x Installation Instruction

Mechanical Specifications

Dimension H x D x Wcm65 x 33 x 33

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Installation example of moisture indicator

Installation example of moisture indicator with elbow

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Maximum recommended waveguide length:

  • E100 = <5m
  • E130 = <8m
  • E150 = <10m
  • E185 = <16m
  • E220 = <25m