HYBRIFLEX® In Building Breakout Micro Fiber Cable, 12 to 288 Single Mode Fibers

Rev : A | Rev date : 17 Jan 2022

RFS' HYBRIFLEX ™  Micro fiber cable which incorporates up to two hundred and eight eight singlemode optical fibers. Twelve fibres are encapsulated in a breakout tube. Multiple tubes are then combined inside an LSZH jacket with embedded FRP strength members. Designed for use as part of a Radio over Fiber (RoF) solution, this cable is suitable for indoor applications. The compact dimensions and use of bend insensitive fiber enable this cable to be installed in areas with limited space and allow twelve fibres to be simply "dropped" without affecting the inetgrity of the cable. This cable is fully non metallic.


  • Incoprates singlemode optical fibers ensuring future proof connectivity for RoF (and other) high bandwidth, multi wavelength applications
  • Bend insensitive G657A2 optical fiber simplifies installation and ensures RoF system performance is achieved
  • The bare fibers reduce installation time and enable high density fusion splicing to be performed.
  • Breakout tubes enable 12 fibers to be "dropped" without affecting the cable integrity and minimising the number of fusion splices required
  • Flame retardant, LSZH materials for use inside buildings
  • Compact construction allows installation in congested ducts, conduits and celing/floor voids.
  • Fully non metallic construction permits installation within existing power and data cable ducts

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Technical features


Cable TypeFiber optic cable
Optical Fiber Color1. Red 2. Blue 3. Green 4. Yellow 5. Violet 6. White 7. Orange 8. Grey 9. Brown 10. Black 11. Aqua 12. Pink

Mechanical Specifications

Tensile Strength N (lb)500 ()
Crush Resistance (Operating)1000 N / 100 mm

Cable Jacket

Jacket MaterialLSZH White (RAL9010)

F/O Cable Specifications

F/O Cable TypeSingle-Mode G657A2
Core/Clad µm9 /125
Secondary Protection Nominal µm (in)250 ()
Fiber Attenuation dB/km≤ 0.35dB/km@λ=1310nm & ≤0.21dB/km λ =1550nm
Zero Dispersion Slope≤0.092 ps/kmꞏnm
Mode Field Diameter (@ 1310 nm)8.8
Cutoff wavelength cable≤1260 nm

Testing and Environmental

Storage Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 70 (-40 to 158 )
Operation Temperature °C (°F)-20 to 60 (-4 to 140 )
Installation Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 70 (-40 to 158 )
LSZH SpecificationIEC 60332-3C

Additional Information for Families

Number of Fiber1224364896
Number of Fiber per Module1212121212
Number of Module12348
Diameter of Module1.3 mm1.3 mm1.3 mm1.3 mm1.3 mm
Outer Diameter Cable5.5 mm6.5 mm7.5 mm9 mm10 mm
Cable Bending Rdius82.5 mm97.5 mm112.5 mm135 mm150 mm